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Magic the Gathering Streets of New Capenna release date announced

The release date for the upcoming MTG Standard set Streets of New Capenna has been announced, and its coming to paper prereleases before the MTG Arena launch.

Magic the Gathering artwork showing a helmeted purple demon from the Streets of New Capenna set.

The release date for Streets of New Capenna, the next set for Magic: the Gathering, has been announced. The upcoming set, which features angels, demons, art deco, and film noir, is coming out in late April, with the global release date set for April 29. Streets of New Capenna’s digital release date, for MTG Arena (and Magic Online) players, is April 28.

That’s a break from recent tradition, which has seen new Magic sets launch on MTG Arena a full week before paper players can get their hands on the physical cards. The usual week of prerelease events, too, is coming earlier for New Capenna, starting on April 22. For comparison, the latest set, Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty, was already out on Arena by the time its in-store prerelease events began.

All the release dates for Streets of New Capenna were revealed on Thursday, via the Weekly MTG show on the official Magic: the Gathering Twitch channel. As is usual for a new Magic set, leading up to Streets of New Capenna’s release, there’ll be several weeks of card previews to tantalise fans. These will begin on April 7.

According to Weekly MTG host Blake Rasmussen, the paper and digital Magic releases will be aligned “for this set only”, as Wizards of the Coast is “exploring some different release cadences”. Paper Magic players will no doubt be pleased about not being left so far behind their Arena counterparts – but they shouldn’t expect the same approach to be taken with later MTG sets like Dominaria United and The Brothers’ War.

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It’s not all about Standard sets, however. The release date for Commander Legends: Battle for Baldur’s Gate was revealed as part of the same announcement. This D&D crossover set, a draft product for Commander players, is coming out on June 10. Make sure your Commander deck-building skills are up to shape by the summer!

That’s the new noir-style set’s release dates covered, but if you want a more general overview of what’s to come when April rolls around, here’s everything we know about Streets of New Capenna. Naturally, we’ll keep the page updated as new information emerges from the shadows, smoking a cigar.