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MTG Unfinity acorn stamps are showing up on the wrong cards

MTG Unfinity's acorn stamps are appearing on cards they shouldn't be, with fans finding misprints that have the potential to cause confusion

MTG unfinity - artwork of an alien holding a squirrel next to a massive tower of squirrels

Printing errors in recently released Magic: The Gathering unset, MTG Unfinity, are causing confusion around card legality. Multiple screenshots have appeared showing the same sort of misprint. It seems the set’s new innovation of acorn stamps, designed to identify casual cards that bend Magic’s rules, is showing up where it shouldn’t.

With MTG Unfinity, Wizards of the Coast made the controversial decision to do away with silver border – making many Unfinity cards legal in Commander and other eternal formats. Acorn stamps were introduced as a replacement for the silver border, to mark out those Unfinity cards that should be restricted to casual, friendly games. The most rule-breaking, mind-boggling cards, like Form of the Approach of the Second Sun, bear this emblem, while the rest are fair game across numerous formats.

However, right from the word go there were problems. During MTG Unfinity’s spoiler season, several cards were shown off with the wrong symbols. One card, Magar of the Magic Strings, was spoiled with two different artworks for instance. One version had the regular security stamp indicating it was eternal-legal, while the other erroneously bore an acorn, showing that it was not.

MTG unfinity misprinted space beleren

Unfortunately, this inconsistency seems to have been carried across, at least to some extent, to the physical product. MTG Unfinity released on October 7, and already multiple images have appeared on social media of cards with the wrong stamp.

Reddit user Zwor spotted the eternal legal planeswalker card Space Beleren with an acorn stamp, while user Capable_Hope_7878 found a card with the Magar issue – one copy of Myra the Magnificent with the acorn symbol, and one without.

MTG unfinity card myra the magnificent next to a misprinted version

Wargamer approached Wizards of the Coast for comment on these printing issues, but so far we’ve received no statement. It seems misprints and mistakes are cropping up more often in Magic’s latest sets. MTG’s head designer recently blamed the pandemic for this situation.

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