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Pathfinder board game arrives despite failed Kickstarter

Pathfinder Revolution! is a new Pathfinder board game that didn't quite meet its Kickstarter goal, but is now getting a launch nonetheless.

Pathfinder Revolution - a boardgame on the Wargamer background

Steve Jackson Games has announced a new Pathfinder board game, Pathfinder Revolution!. This “game of subterfuge and political scheming”, as Paizo’s blog describes it, is available for preorder for $59.95 / £48.84, and is expected to ship extremely soon – in the third week of November. The game has been produced, despite a 2022 Kickstarter falling short of its $50k target.

Based on its appearance, Pathfinder Revolution! reminds us an awful lot of that old DnD game Lords of Waterdeep. But whereas that tabletop RPG-based board game is point salad-y in nature, this Pathfinder title looks to have very different mechanics.

Pathfinder Revolution - a board game board

The appearance of player screens may suggest hidden information and the possibility of a social deduction board game. However, it seems Pathfinder Revolution! is actually a hidden bidding game, where players use different resources (gold, blackmail, or force) to gain control of key individuals or guilds within a city.

It’s set in the city of Korvosa, which Pathfinder fans may know from the classic Adventure Path Curse of the Crimson Throne. Pathfinder Revolution! is based on a game from 2009 called Revolution!. As far as we can tell from imagery, this new title is a lot prettier.

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Steve Jackson Games ran a Kickstarter for Pathfinder Revolution in July 2022, but it was canceled when it only got 70% of the way to its goal, raising $35,436 out of a desired $50,000. At the time, the creator announced plans to bring it back to the platform in Fall 2022, but as far as we can tell this never happened. It seems the game’s made its way to being released anyhow, though.

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