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We hand-pick the best RPG starter sets in July’s Roll20 sale

From Call of Cthulhu to the Blade Runner RPG, here are the best tabletop RPG starter sets on offer in Roll20’s Christmas in July sale.

Roll20 sale - cover art for tabletop RPG coyote and crow

On July 17, virtual tabletop Roll20 announced the ‘Christmas in July’ Roll20 sale. This means a huge range of tabletop RPGs and their VTT supplements are discounted with 25% off across the board. With big names and indie titles on offer until July 31, we thought we’d make shopping a little easier by showcasing the best RPG starter sets available in the Roll20 sale.

Here are the best starter sets and beginner bundles to pick up for cheap:

Roll20 sale - Call of Cthulhu starter set VTT cover

Call of Cthulhu

Price: $18.74 (£14.33)

Always a Fhtagn time, Call of Cthulhu is one of our favorite tabletop RPGs ever. It’s an investigation-driven horror RPG where your complex (but distinctly mortal) characters must uncover an eldritch mystery. Whether you’re playing in 1920s Germany or 19th-century London, Lovecraftian monstrosities – as well as plenty of tension – always get involved.

Blade Runner: The Roleplaying Game

Price: $22.49 (£17.21)

Published by Free League, Blade Runner: The Roleplaying Game is a recent title with a very strong starter set. As we mentioned in our Blade Runner RPG review, ‘Electric Dreams’ is a faithful yet fresh starter adventure that tasks you with solving the mystery of a Replicant’s murder. One for lovers of sci-fi and a bit of Sherlock Holmes.

Roll20 sale - Alien RPG starter set cover

Alien: The Roleplaying Game

Price: $22.49 (£17.21)

Another Free League game, Alien: The Roleplaying Game recreates the nail-biting terror of the Alien franchise. Between the corrupt corporations and the literal Xenomorphs, there are plenty of things to scream about. The price isn’t one of them, though – Roll20 has combined the official starter set with the Alien RPG’s ‘Destroyer of Worlds’ adventure for maximum value.

Coyote & Crow

Price: $37.49 (£28.71)

Nebula Award nominee Coyote & Crow takes players to a sci-fi future where American colonization never happened and Indigenous cultures thrived. It’s an innovative and well-loved RPG that’s worth exploring. It also doesn’t have an official starter set, but Roll20 has combined the core rulebook with the ‘Encounter at Station 54’ adventure that gives beginner players all they need to get started.

Roll20 sale - Fiasco tabletop RPG cover


Price: $14.99 (£11.48)

Fiasco isn’t your typical, crunchy tabletop RPG. It’s a GM-less, cinematic storytelling game that creates heist-like capers (and catastrophes). We’ve cheated a bit by recommending the core game over Roll20’s actual starter bundle. This costs over $20 more – and while it offers a huge range of scenarios to play with, you only really need those in the core game to start playing.


Price: $11.24 (£8.61)

Another solid sci-fi horror is Mothership, a simple-yet-harsh RPG game that fully expects your characters to die. All the great (read: terrifying) parts of space come included: abandoned spaceships, unknowable worlds, and hostile creatures. The Roll20 bundle nabs you the Player’s Survival Guide and an adventure module, ‘The Haunting of Ypsilon 14’

These discounted titles can be found on the Roll20 marketplace and DM’s Guild.

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