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Warhammer, but with root vegetables

Turnip28 could be the weirdest alternative to Warhammer you’ve ever seen - now a Kickstarter campaign is launching the game’s first official miniatures

Warhammer with Root Vegetables - photo by Max Fitzgerald of 3d printed miniatures, Napoleonic soldiers hybridised with turnips

Artist and indie wargame designer Max Fitzgerald has teamed up with 3d sculptor Saint Decent to produce a range of root vegetable-themed wargaming miniatures, for Fitzgerald’s game Turnip28. A Kickstarter to crowdfund the models will be open for most of December, and backers can pledge for physical models, or digital STL files to print on a resin 3D printer.

Warhammer with Root Vegetables - photo by Max Fitzgerald of painted, 3d printed miniatures, a troop of Napoleonic soldiers hybridised with root vegetables

The Kickstarter campaign for Turnip28: The Forlorn Hope opened on Monday December 1 and runs for 28 days, according to the campaign page. Pledges start at around $30 US / £25 GBP, which will get you the files you need to 3D print a unit of multipart, turnip-themed soldiers and their commanders. If you don’t have a 3D printer, there are some higher-tier pledges that promise to deliver physical models – these will be 3D printed resin models, rather than plastic or metal casts. According to the Kickstarter page, finalised 3D printer files will be sent to backers in January 2023, with physical models following in February. 

Turnip28 has a gothic, Napoleonic aesthetic, like Bloodborne but with more beetroot. The models sculpted so far are armed with rickety muskets – we can picture them at home in a 40k Death Guard or 40k Chaos Space Marines army, as proxies for Chaos Cultists. They could also work as Freeguild Gunners for an Age of Sigmar Cities of Sigmar army from a particularly weird corner of the Realm of Life. The Kickstarter promises to offer more unit types as the campaign meets stretch goals.

Warhammer with Root Vegetables - art by Max Fitzgerald, a troop of soldiers in turnip-nosed helmets, bristling with roots

Turnip28 has its own, free rulebook which you can download from the Turnip28 Patreon. You’ll also find a link to the game’s Discord community in there.

Turnip28 emerged from the Inq28 scene, which also recently produced Necropolis28, an indie, horror game that’s equal parts Warhammer and Dark Souls, and Sumphulk, a fan expansion to Warhammer 40k Necromunda. The Inq28 community is united by a love of homebrew game design and incredible conversions, often inspired by the art of John Blanche or older Games Workshop games like Mordheim and Rogue Trader.

If you’re inspired by the creativity in the Inq28 scene but have never picked up a brush, we have a guide to painting miniatures that will help you out. Or, if you’re sorely tempted by the models in this Kickstarter, we have a guide to the best 3D printers for miniatures.