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First look at Warhammer 40k’s new Primaris Commander Dante

Games Workshop unveils a new model for the Warhammer 40k Blood Angels Space Marine hero, Commander Dante - confirming he has become a Primaris.

Warhammer 40k Dante Primaris model reveal - Warhammer Community image showing the new Dante model, zoomed in, with a background of stormclouds and light

Games Workshop has revealed a new, plastic character model for well-loved and heavily storied character Commander Dante, confirming that Dante is now a Primaris Space Marine. There’s no hint of a release date or price for the Primaris Dante model, but there is a snazzy announcement video you can watch below, as well as some close-ups of the new sculpt.

The reveal came via Games Workshop’s Warhammer Community site on Thursday, a day after images of the new model – both in original packaging and assembled and painted – surfaced on social media as a result of an apparent shipping mistake.

Warhammer 40k Dante Primaris model reveal - Warhammer Community image showing the new Commander Dante Primaris Space Marine character model in full

It confirms that Dante of the Blood Angels is the latest of several Space Marine hero characters to cross the ‘Rubicon Primaris’, with the Warcom article noting the new Dante has “an up-to-the-minute suit of modified Mark X armour”, as well as a “sleek new style of jump pack”.

His classic weapons the Perdition Pistol and Axe Mortalis have also had to be “upscaled to suit his newly massive frame”, the Warcom piece says.

YouTube Thumbnail

He joins a growing club of Primaris-ified Space Marine celebs including the Dark Angels‘ Chapter Master Azreal; the Black Templars’ High Marshal Helbrecht; Dante’s fellow son of Sanguinius, Librarian Mephiston, and more.

With all the Adeptus Astartes A-Listers making the upgrade to Primaris one by one, the debate remains open among fans as to what the future of the ‘firstborn’ (the original, non-Primaris Space Marines) might be – but, as yet, GW has made no sign of an intention to ‘kill off’ the ‘oldmarines’.

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