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Fans can’t decide who should play The Lion in Warhammer 40k show

Which celebrity does Lion El'Jonson's new model look like? The internet is hotly divided on this very important question - here are the favourites.

Warhammer 40k Lion model

Dark Angels Primarch Lion El’Jonson is back in Warhammer 40k with a brand new model, and the internet is divided on who his detailed plastic face looks the most like.

Charles Dance, who played Tywin Lannister in Game of Thrones, seems to be the popular favourite, according to social media. But one fan, still on a Game of Thrones kick, posited that Davos Seaworth actor, Liam Cunningham, was actually the better fit, and 750 Redditors agreed.

Were Christopher Lee still alive today, at least 415 fans would support him for the role, and on Twitter, multiple comparisons have been drawn to British ex-Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn. He also looks a bit like Colonel Mustard from the new, sexy Clue board game… we think.

Warhammer 40k Lion model compared to Tywin actor Danse

All this chatter isn’t just idle speculation. Or, maybe it’s more accurate to say it isn’t just idle speculation. There’s an actual reason to connect actors to characters from Warhammer 40k, now that Amazon has announced it’s working on a TV and film project.

We know most-famous-Warhammer-fan Henry Cavill is on board as executive producer (and are adamant he shouldn’t play The Emperor) but other than that very little is known about Warhammer’s silver screen debut – we have no plot or character details yet, let alone confirmation or rumours about any actors. Still, it doesn’t hurt to be prepared. Someone get Dance on the phone.

Lion El’Jonson’s return was one of the biggest Warhammer reveals at Adepticon this week, but it was far from the only one. Most importantly, 10th edition was confirmed, and we know it’s starting off with a revamp of the Tyranids. We also saw some neat Warhammer 40k beastmen models.