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Paint your Warhammer models just like the box with ‘Eavy Archive

The ‘Eavy Archive fan project is full of guides that let you recreate the paint schemes used in Warhammer 40k and Age of Sigmar box photos

Paint your Warhammer models like the box art - artwork by Games Workshop, a golden daemon paints a small blue daemon figure

If you want to paint your Warhammer models just like the pictures on the box, look no further than ‘Eavy Archive, a fan website full of box-art paint recipes. Created by the Infernal Brush Discord community, it contains instructions for painting models from dozens of different armies.


The ‘Eavy Archive is broken down into sections for painting miniatures from each of the Warhammer 40k factions, Age of Sigmar armies, the legions of the Horus Heresy, and some general recipes for bases and terrain.

Paint your Warhammer models like the box art - screenshot from Eavy Archive, a visual menu showing sections for Warhammer 40k, Age of Sigmar, Horus Heresy, and generic paints

Each guide has separate step-by-step instructions for each material on the model. They’re written in a very curt format, listing exactly which miniature paints you should use, which techniques to employ, in the sequence that you’ll use them. There’s a useful glossary that summarises what different terms mean.

Paint your Warhammer models like the box art - screenshot from Eavy Archive, paint recipes for Black Templars space marines

Some factions have received a little more attention than others: the Space Marines have paint schemes for 17 chapters and the white armour of an apothecary, while the unfortunate Nighthaunt have just three.

If you’d rather go off-piste with your next paint-scheme, Wargamer shows off cool conversions and paintjobs whenever we find them. The vibrant colours of a pride flag Space Marine Kill Team or a non-binary pride T’au Riptide are excellent examples of how vibrant you can make a colour scheme. Or maybe you’d like to create a Scooby Doo gang as an Inquisitorial retinue?