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Warhammer 40k Shadow Throne character models arrive this week

The two characters from GW's Warhammer 40k Shadow Throne boxset go to pre-order as separate kits this week, along with AoS' Echoes of Doom box set

Warhammer 40k Shadow Throne character separate release - Warhammer Community photos of the painted models for the Adeptus Custodes Blade Champion and Genestealer Cults Reductus Saboteur

The Warhammer 40k Adeptus Custodes Blade Champion and Genestealer Cults Reductus Saboteur character models, first available in December 2021’s Shadow Throne box set, both go to pre-order this Saturday, May 21, Games Workshop has said.

Revealed in the Warhammer Community site’s weekly pre-orders roundup on Sunday, the two new characters – the Blade Champion an HQ choice, the Reductus Saboteur an Elites unit – will now become available as standalone model kits. Both models got excitable fan reactions when they were revealed as part of the Shadow Throne box late last year. But, as per usual with new models included in GW ‘battleboxes’, neither had been available to buy on their own until now.

As usual, GW has not given any pricing for the new pre-order kits ahead of time – but we can expect them to be in the same range as previous battlebox one-off character kits – like the Thousand Sons Infernal Master at $38 / £24, and Grey Knights Castellan Crowe at $45 / £27.50.

They’ll be joined, in Saturday, May 21’s fresh crop of pre-order products, by a brand new Adeptus Custodes Combat Patrol starter box and the new Age of Sigmar ‘battlebox’ Echoes of Doom – alongside two standalone Warcry warbands, the Darkoath Savagers and the Tarantulos Brood.

Warhammer 40k Shadow Throne character models separate release - Warhammer Community graphic showing this week's new Warhammer Plus Content

Meanwhile, this week also brings a small helping of new content on GW’s Warhammer Plus subscription service. From Wednesday, May 18, subscribers will get episode three of noir detective-themed animated show Interrogator, plus a new episode of in-house miniature painting show Citadel Colour Masterclass (on adding verdigris effects to metals).

Fans of vintage issues of GW’s in-house White Dwarf magazine also get digital access to a couple more old issues as part of the ever growing Warhammer Vault resource.

In stranger Warhammer news, last week saw a big reveal of the MTG Warhammer 40k Universes Beyond sets, with Magic card versions of Abaddon the Despoiler and other Warhammer mainstays on the way.

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