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Get rare Warhammer 40k Space Marines cheap in Amazon Prime sale

Today only, Amazon Prime subscribers can get the five out-of-production minis from the Space Marine Heroes series one range for just $17.

An unpainted Warhammer 40k Space Marine figure made of red plastic- an armored warrior consulting an auspex

If you’re an Amazon Prime subscriber and a Warhammer 40k Space Marine collector, we’ve found a bargain for you. Until the end of the Amazon Prime Big Deals Day on October 11, the Space Marine Adventures: Labyrinth of the Necrons board game is available to prime subscribers for just $17 – and it contains five otherwise unavailable miniatures from the first series of Space Marine Heroes collectibles.

Space Marine Heroes is a range of ‘gachapon’ blind-purchase boxes, each containing a random Space Marine miniature. Each run of Space Marine Heroes is available for a limited time, and series one is long since out of production. However, Games Workshop has chosen to include some of these sculpts in Warhammer board games, and five of the season one Space Marines are available in Labyrinth of the Necrons.

Three blue-armored Warhammer 40k Space Marines, one with a flamer, one with an auspex, one running with a combat knife

The range was originally conceived of as a way to increase interest in Warhammer 40k in Japan, where season one released in 2017. Though it eventually came to the West, only nine of the thirteen miniatures from the Japanese run were available.

The four missing miniatures – armed with an auspex, flamethrower, heavy bolter, and combat knife – never made it across. They’re all present in Labyrinth of the Necrons, along with a grav-pistol waving sergeant who also shows up in Combat Arena: Lair of the Beast.

Is Labyrinth of the Necrons one of the best board games for 40k fans? I own a copy, but must admit that I bought it for the miniatures and haven’t tested the game. Check out YouTuber Ash Barker’s Lets Play video to get a sense for the gameplay:

YouTube Thumbnail

$17 for these five miniatures is a steal, assuming you’re interested in tactical marines. Space Marine Heroes gives excellent, character-level sculpts to models that are ordinarily run-of-the-mill infantry, perfect if you love painting miniatures.

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