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Warhammer 40k World Eaters get an ‘Angron and Pals’ subfaction

The new ‘Disciples of the Red Angel’ World Eaters subfaction lets you field Angron and his daemonic bodyguard, and basically nothing else

World Eaters subfaction Disciples of the Red Angel illustration by Games Workshop - Daemon Primarch Angron, a huge daemon with red skin, brass armour, great wings and huge weapons

Games Workshop has revealed a new Warhammer 40k World Eaters subfaction that will appear in the upcoming World Eaters Codex, the ‘Disciples of the Red Angel’. Previewed in a Warhammer Community article on Wednesday, fielding the Disciples restricts your unit selections to just Angron, units with “a fragment of Khorne’s empyreal power” – which means daemons, daemon-engines, and the possessed – and Land Raiders.

The article explains the benefits you’ll gain for excluding Khorne Berzerkers and Jakhals from your World Eaters list. Eightbound and Exalted Eightbound will gain objective secured, allowing them to control objectives that aren’t contested by units with the same ability. One Eightbound unit can also receive a ‘Daemonic Infusion’: two examples are given:

Daemonic Infusion Effect
Drawn to Power Each model in the unit counts as two models for controlling an objective
Brazen Skin Ignore mortal wounds on a 4+

The article highlights that Angron will be the force’s Warlord, which makes sense thematically – this subfaction is supposed to be his personal retinue. We assume that it’s also baked into his rules, as the existing Daemon Primarchs, the Tzeentch aligned Magnus the Red and Nurgle worshipping Mortarion, both have rules that require them to be the Warlord of any army they’re part of.

World Eaters subfaction Disciples of the Red Angel illustration by Games Workshop - Daemon Primarch Angron, a huge daemon, travels the void of space

The Disciples of the Red Angel will get eight stratagems and three relics – whether these are in addition to, or instead of, the basic World Eaters stratagems and relics, the article doesn’t say, but it does give us a taste of what to expect:

Stratagem Phase Target Effect CP
Terrifying Assault Charge An enemy unit targeted by a World Eaters charge Cannot fire overwatch or set to defend; -1 to hit in the subsequent Fight phase One
Bloodscent Opponent’s Movement Eightbound unit within engagement range of an enemy unit that falls back Consolidate up to six inches after the enemy unit falls back One

Only one Disciples of the Red Angel Relic was previewed, ‘The Skull of An’gr’ant’, which grants the bearer rerolls to wound against a single enemy unit each turn. This is a little narrower than the “reroll to wound” ability we’ve seen on many relics before, but then, it’s going to be stuck on a Daemon Prince of Khorne or a Lord on Juggernaut…

World Eaters subfaction Disciples of the Red Angel illustration by Games Workshop - Daemon Primarch Angron, a huge daemon, emerges through a hail of gunfire into enemy lines

The Arks of Omen detachment, used in Grand Tournament Arks of Omen matched play games, allows you to build a battle-forged army without any Troops choices – so during this matched play season there’s no command points penalty for fielding this subfaction, which you’d normally suffer for taking a Vanguard detachment.

Bloodthirsty warlords won’t have long to wait to get their hands on the new World Eaters’ range, as it’s going up for pre-order this Saturday, alongside Arks of Omen Book Two: Angron, which charts the daemon Primarch’s return.

Unless Games Workshop makes a lot of surprising announcements very soon, we expect Codex World Eaters to be the final Warhammer 40k codex before Warhammer 40k 10th edition arrives, presumably in the Summer.