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Official Warhammer Old World cosplay gear coming summer 2024

Long-established LARP and reenactment costume maker Burgschneider will launch the Warhammer Armoury line in Summer 2024, starting with Nuln.

Warhammer the Old World Cosplay by Burgschneider - a swordsman in the black, slash-sleeved doublet over red shirt of a soldier of Nuln

Warhammer publisher Games Workshop and costume maker Burgschneider have revealed a line of officially licensed Warhammer: The Old World cosplay gear. The ‘Warhammer Armoury’ range was announced back in April 2023; we now have pictures and video showing off a killer Empire of Man swordsman outfit.

Fans of Warhammer: The Old World should recognise this outfit as a swordsman from the city-state of Nuln, a doughty foot-trooper of the Empire of Man Old World faction. The distinctive slashed black doublet over red shirt and hose – with bulging cod-piece, of course – is a perfect recreation of the tabletop miniature.

Warhammer the Old World Cosplay by Burgschneider - a swordsman in the black, slash-sleeved doublet over red shirt of a soldier of Nuln - shot from various angles, showing details on his striped sleeves

Burgschneider is a German firm, with a wholly owned distribution subsidiary in the USA, that makes a variety of re-enactment clothing, fantasy cosplay, and LARP-safe weaponry. They even have a range of licensed DnD clothes, with options for all the DnD classes – though no prosthetics for those wanting to play a different DnD race.

There’s no prices yet for the Warhammer kit, but Burgschneider sells the extremely similar (historical) Landsknecht outfit at $64.99 for pants, $39.99 for slashed pant legs, $134.99 for a jerkin, $104.99 for a vest, $39.99 for slashed sleeves, and $34.99 for a floppy hat.

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Games Workshop revealed the Warhammer Armoury cosplay pics in a Warhammer Community post about ‘Warhammer Relics’, an “official festival honouring all of the awesome merch accessorising your Warhammer hobby”. Lots more merch was showcased alongside the cosplay line:

  • Cubicle7 is publishing a card game based on the Warhammer 40k videogame Darktide, and is offering 10% off Warhammer products on its store with the checkout code RELICS10.
  • Weta Workshop is working on a ⅙ statue of Abaddon the Despoiler that will loom over the (already massive) Lieutenant Titus model the firm released last year.
  • Publisher Dorling Kindersley is making a visual encyclopedia of Warhammer 40k models, written by Warhammer 40k book authors Gav Thorpe and Guy Haley.
  • New Warhammer 40k action figures are coming from JoyToy and McFarlane.
  • Displate launches its first limited edition Warhammer posters on March 7.
  • Wicked Bricks, which makes display cases for Lego sets, is launching a line of Warhammer display cases with thematic background art.
  • The Warhammer Merch store is discounting a different type of merch each day from Monday 4 until Friday 8 March.
  • Warhammer Art is offering 10% off purchases with the checkout code RELICS10 this week.
  • Merchoid is offering a 10% discount on Warhammer products until 1am PST / 4am EST / 9am GMT on Saturday March 9.

If you’re in the mood for savings, or the sight of Old World cosplay has you revved up for a bit of Warhammer-themed roleplaying, check out these excellent Warhammer RPGs currently on sale at DriveThruRPG.