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Space Marine 2’s Titus is the first Wētā Workshop 40k statue

Lieutenant Titus, hero of Space Marine 2, is getting his own $1200 Wētā Workshop Warhammer 40k statue - and the next two have been announced.

Warhammer 40k Space Marine 2 Titus Weta Workshop statue - Games Workshop photo showing the Titus statue with helmeted head and chainsword, against a black background

1.20pm ET, November 16 We’ve updated this article, as the figure is in fact already up for pre-order, and we way underestimated the price…

The first new Warhammer 40k statuette from New Zealand-based special effects supremos Wētā Workshop has been revealed – and it’s protagonist of Space Marine 2 Lieutenant Titus, 61 mighty centimeters tall, depicted in bloody splendor atop a slain foe. What’s more, we now know who the next two Wētā statues will be!

Revealed at GW’s Warhammer World Championships in Atlanta on Thursday and via its Warhammer Community site, the Lieutenant Titus statuette shows the grizzled Space Marine – a decorated hero of the Ultramarines chapter with a chequered past – armed with bolt pistol and chainsword, atop a slain Tyranid hormagaunt.

It’s a 1:6 scale statue – at about 24 inches (61cm) high, with a roughly 16 inch (40cm) wide base, it’s around 15 times the height of a regular Warhammer 40k primaris space marine miniature, and about 13 times the width. In a particularly lovely touch, its helmet lenses are even backlit – presumably powered via the mains, so you’ll need to get your display shelf cable management on point.

Warhammer 40k Space Marine 2 titus weta workshop statue - Games Workshop photo showing the head, armor, and chainsword details on the statue

There will be two editions of the figure: the regular ‘Battleline’ version – which includes a helmeted and helmetless head option – and a limited edition of 1300 models that also include alternate chainsword teeth and a thunder hammer weapon, plus display stands for all the separate bits.

As usual, GW gives no hint of a release date for the Lieutenant Titus model – but it’s already available to pre-order (with a 25% non-refundable deposit) from the Wētā Workshop store, which promises “estimated delivery 2nd Quarter 2024”.

You’re going to want to sit down and have a drink of water before reading the price. The Battleline edition costs $1,199, and the limited edition statue costs $1,399.

Warhammer 40k Space Marine 2 titus weta workshop statue - Games Workshop photo showing the backpack and base details on the statue, including the dead tyranid

The reveal was paired with a rather impressive intro video featuring commentary and footage from the Wētā Workshop designers – watch it below.

YouTube Thumbnail

Buried in GW’s Thursday article was another juicy nugget of news for fans of Wētā Workshop and Warhammer 40k collectibles, however: it’s announced the next two Warhammer 40k faction characters that’ll be getting 1:6 scale statues – as well as the fact that a fourth, as yet unidentified statue is also in development.

The next two will be Abaddon the Despoiler – Warmaster of the Chaos Space Marines and son of Horus Lupercal – and Celestine, the Living Saint – faith-powered superhero of the Sisters of Battle.

The noble Celestine already has a larger-scale model available – a JoyToy 1:18 scale figurine – but we’ve yet to get an Abaddon bigger than his (admittedly chunky) 40k character model.

It’s no surprise GW has chosen Lieutenant Titus as the first of these statuettes to reveal: Space Marine 2, one of the most excitedly anticipated Warhammer 40k games of the past year, is due to release very, very soon.

What’s keeping us on tenterhooks is that the Space Marine 2 release date window is still set as “Winter 2023” – which doesn’t leave a lot of time left, so we’re expecting to see either a release date, or a delay, announced any day now.

In the meantime, we’ve been busy compiling all we know about the game in preparation, based on the preview build we’ve played – check out our guides to the Space Marine 2 weapons, the gnarliest Space Marine 2 executions, the details of Space Marine 2 coop, every single one of the Space Marine 2 enemies we’ve seen so far, and how to master Space Marine 2 combat to splatter them across the pavement.