The 6 best Yugioh Master Duel meta decks 2023

The best Yugioh Master Duel meta decks help you win in competitive play in 2023, including Branded Despia, Floowandereeze, Dragon Link, and more

Yu Gi Oh Master Duel meta decks - a purple psychic fairy monster

Finding the best Yugioh Master Duel meta decks can be a tricky task. The Yugioh Master Duel meta is full of variety, and the best deck changes month by month as new cards are added to the game. Since Master Duel’s launch in January 2022, several powerful archetypes have risen and fallen, with new top decks surging up to take their spots. This guide tracks the six Yugioh Master Duel decks most likely to bring you the sweet, sweet taste of victory.


The best Yugioh Master Duel meta decks don’t always rely on the best Yugioh cards or even ultra-expensive rare Yugioh cards – when you play Yugioh online you won’t triumph through raw power alone. Instead they utilise clever synergies to deliver dramatic results. That means each one has a number of cards you’re always going to want to use, so don’t be afraid to grab a decklist when crafting one.

At the same time, don’t be afraid to put your own spin on these top archetypes. After all, learning to build a Yugioh deck is half the fun (the other half is winning).

These are the best Yugioh Master Duel meta decks

  • Branded Despia
  • Floowandereeze
  • Swordsoul Tenyi
  • Spright
  • Runick
  • Dragon Link

Yu Gi Oh Master Duel meta decks - the yugioh card Fallen of Albaz

Branded Despia

Branded Despia is a Yugioh meta deck that wants to fusion summon powerful monsters, using Fallen of Albaz as material. Branded Fusion is the key card in this deck, and most of the rest of your main deck is focused on getting the right cards into your hand in order to use its effect. Once things are underway, it’s fairly easy to combo off – using your first fusion monsters to bring out even stronger nightmares.

Branded Despia – already strong – got a minor boost pretty recently, with the fusion monster Mirrorjade the Iceblade Dragon released in September’s selection pack. This is one meta deck that’s primed to get better and better, provided more Despia cards get added to Yugioh Master Duel in future updates.

Yu Gi Oh Master Duel meta decks - the yugioh card floowandereeze & Empen


Ever seen Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds? Well if you were rooting for the avian aggressors in that film, use this Yugioh meta deck, and you’ll soon have your opponents looking up at the sky and screaming.

The deck revolves around a set of Floowandereez cards, which allow you to chain normal summons together, going from the little Floowandereeze & Robina to the hulking Floowandereeze & Empen in a rapid combo. Floowandereeze is a versatile deck that can tutor up answers to any problems it faces – it also packs plenty of recursion, and does great over a longer game. And who doesn’t want to beat their rivals with a penguin?

Yu Gi Oh Master Duel meta decks - a yugioh card swordsoul grandmaster - chixiao

Swordsoul Tenyi

So, you want to master the mystical art of synchro summoning, eh? One of the longest-standing Yugioh Master Duel meta decks that has maintained its place at the top, Swordsoul Tenyi is a synchro-based deck that spawns Tuner Tokens to smooth out the summoning process – bringing big wyrms like Swordsoul Grandmaster – Chixiao and Baxia, Brightness of the Yang Zing out of your extra deck to wreak havoc.

The ‘Tenyi’ in this deck’s name refers to a package of about half a dozen ‘Tenyi’ wyrm cards that slot into the Swordsoul archetype super neatly, taking the flexibility (and thus the power level) of the deck to a new level.

Yugioh Master duel meta decks - the yugioh card Spright Blue


Thun-der! (na nah na naa, na na naa na). An aggressive deck relying on Rank 2 monsters, Spright decks are able to form great combos, flooding the board with little creatures and then tributing some of them to negate whatever your opponent is trying to do.

Basically you’re relying on two types of monster here. Blue Sprights like (erm) Spright Blue or Gigantic Spright, which let you search your deck for cards, finding any Rank 2 monster you require. Then red Sprights such as Spright Red and Spright Carrot add a powerful disruption element to the deck, shutting down your opponent’s card effects.

Because this Yugioh deck relies on a smaller engine than most, there are loads of variants, each focused on different sets of Rank 2 monsters. There’s even a particularly busted version that combines Spright with the next Master Duel meta deck on our list, forming Runick Spright.

Yugioh Master duel meta decks - the yugioh card Runick Fountain


A Yugioh Master Duel meta deck that’s hated by many for basically letting those who run it play solitaire, Runick is a controlling mill deck that gets you wins by forcing your opponents to deck out. Your main tactic is to regularly avoid the Battle Phase altogether, instead putting all your resources into disrupting your opponent, drawing more cards, and of course milling your enemy out.

You do this with the use of quick-play spell cards that, thanks to the super crucial card Runick Fountain, you can play on your opponent’s turn as well as your own. These have various destruction and disruption effects or can alternatively be used to special summon a selection of Runick Fusion monsters from your extra deck.

There’s plenty of tools within this archetype, so you just have to keep playing answers in a reactive playstyle. Many of the Runick cards have the incidental effect of banishing a couple of cards from the top of your opponent’s deck, so you keep parrying until they run out of deck.

Yu Gi Oh Master Duel meta decks - the yugioh card choas ruler the chaotic magical dragon

Dragon Link

From good old Blue Eyes, to Winged Dragon of Ra, what would Yugioh be without its dragons? Dragon Link is a dragon-based Yugioh Master Duel meta deck that has had to duck and weave over the months, pivoting to new cards as old favourites eat bans. It recently got hit pretty hard over in the tabletop, when Chaos Ruler, the Chaotic Magical Dragon earned a spot on the Yugioh banlist.

It’s still going strong on Master Duel though, using little Rokket monsters to get started, building up to terrifying link threats like Borrelend Dragon – which can wipe a board, grab you another Rokket, and is a nightmare for your opponent to remove.