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A retro YuGiOh TCG set is on sale for $89,000

All 126 YuGiOh TCG cards in this first-edition Legend of Blue-Eyes White Dragon set are a graded a PSA 10, according to the seller.

SassyTCG's photo of graded cards from their YuGiOh Legend of Blue-Eyes White Dragon eBay sale

All cards from YuGiOh’s original Legend of Blue Eyes White Dragon set are up for sale on eBay, as of March 27. The 126-card bundle has a shiny PSA grade of 10, and the asking price is currently $89,000 (£70,795).

It’s an eye-watering price, but it makes sense when you remember that Legend of Blue Eyes White Dragon includes some of the most expensive YuGiOh cards in the trading card game’s history. Dark Magician, Blue-Eyes White Dragon, Pot of Greed, Raigeki, and the Exodia set are all featured. And, according to seller SassyTCG, all these cards are first-edition.

SassyTCG's photo of graded cards from their YuGiOh Legend of Blue-Eyes White Dragon eBay sale

In fact, a first-edition Blue-Eyes White Dragon is currently the second-most expensive card in all of Yu-Gi-Oh. In 2020, a copy sold on eBay for $85,000 ($67,608). The only YuGiOh card that’s worth more money is Tyler the Great Warrior, a literal one-of-a-kind card that was created as a Make a Wish Foundation request.

Each card in this bundle is professionally graded and encased in a protective slab. The seller mentions some sharpie writing on the back of some slabs, but they promise this can be cleaned or the cards can be recased. The bundle also apparently includes two copies of Electro-Whip – “one wavy, one glossy”.

The seller won’t accept returns, so any nostalgic Yu-Gi-Oh fan will need to be sure they’re happy to part with the cash. “Set can be picked up in person if paid via wire”, says the eBay listing. “Travel expenses will be deducted from list price.”

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