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Fan hopes LEGO will take notes from their Yugioh build

A fan wanted to see an official Yu-Gi-Oh! Lego line, so submitted their creation, starring Dark Magician and Blue Eyes White Dragon, to LEGO Ideas

Yugioh lego - a lego build with Blue Eyes White dragon and Dark Magician on a lego card box

A fan from Brisbane, Australia has designed a LEGO set based on Yu-Gi-Oh, and hopes the brick-building company will make an official LEGO line for the TCG and anime.

“I started making Yu-Gi-Oh! LEGO almost as soon as the card game and anime were released here in Australia,” explains the fan, who goes by the online handle Zero Helix. They would use their own LEGO creations when playing the game to let the card battles play out before their very eyes – just like the Yu-Gi-Oh holograms in the show.

So, naturally, when Zero Helix found out about LEGO Ideas, which lets fans submit their own creations to be potentially turned into real, official kits, they knew they had to create and share a Yu-Gi-Oh build.

“It felt like a natural overlap in target audiences (both franchises being based on collectible toys),” Zero Helix explains. “And Yu-Gi-Oh! already has cards based on LEGO, in the ‘Block’ archetype, so why not the other way around?”

Their unofficial Yu-Gi-Oh Lego kit depicts Dark Magician and Blue-Eyes White Dragon, the poster children of the Yu-Gi-Oh franchise, battling atop a card box shaped like a golden sarcophagus (for some added “colourful flair”). According to Zero Helix, the most difficult part was keeping the model to minifigure scale, and avoiding undue complexity. “Most builds that actually pass review are rather simple,” they say, “so there’s some politics at play between what will attract votes vs what the reviewers are looking for.

“I am quite proud that I was able to make the Blue-Eyes fully posable,” they continue. “It wasn’t easy to find parts that would look right while still being articulated. Those neck and tail parts, for example, are repurposed palm tree segments, which I was pretty pleased to think of using after days of combing Bricklink” (an online compendium of LEGO pieces).

Yugioh lego - a lego build with Blue Eyes White dragon and Dark Magician on a lego card box

Zero Helix would love to see Yu-Gi-Oh LEGO become an official line, at least covering the most iconic monsters and characters. They note that if a LEGO Ideas suggestion gets chosen to become a real set the site no longer accepts submissions on the same topic. But they say: “I’ll definitely continue making Yu-Gi-Oh! based builds on my own, however this project turns out, and I’d love to see other people’s Yu-Gi-Oh! builds too!”

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