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The most expensive YuGiOh card ever just sold for over $300k

Tyler the Great Warrior is a one-of-a-kind YuGiOh card that sold on eBay for over $300,000, meaning it's also the most expensive YuGiOh card ever.

YuGiOh Tyler the Great Warrior card art

A one-of-a-kind YuGiOh TCG card sold on eBay for $311,211 (£249,793.51), making it the most expensive YuGiOh card of all time. ‘Tyler the Great Warrior’ is a unique card printed in 2005 for a 14-year-old fan. Tyler Gressle had a rare liver cancer at the time, and the card was part of a YuGiOh experience organised by the Make-A-Wish charity.

Gressle beat his cancer and held onto the rare card, which became something of a legend among YuGiOh collectors. On March 27, Tyler the Great Warrior was listed for auction on eBay, with the bidding closing on April 29.

YuGiOh Tyler the Great Warrior auction listing on eBay

Tyler the Great Warrior is a level eight Warrior monster with 3,000 ATK and 1,500 DEF. Its special effect allows it to damage an opponent’s life points any time it destroys a monster in battle and sends it to the graveyard, with the damage equalling the destroyed monster’s ATK.

The card’s art was designed by YuGiOh author Kazuki Takahashi, and it was inspired by Gressle’s other great love of his teenage years, Dragon Ball Z. At the time of sale, Tyler the Great Warrior was given a quality grade of seven by Beckett Grading Services.

Tyler the Great Warrior might be the rarest YuGiOh card in the trading card game’s existence – and after this auction, it’s definitely the most expensive. But while you won’t find the card on the YuGiOh banlist, it’s probably not the best YuGiOh card to have in your deck – if only because of how costly it would be to damage.

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