YuGiOh card size explained

We clear up your questions about YuGiOh card dimensions, deck sizes, playmat sizes, and more in this dedicated trading card game guide.

YuGiOh card size - Konami art of Seto Kaiba on a blue background

Ever wondered what the standard YuGiOh card size is? It’s a simple question, but one that can be tricky to answer off the top of your head – particularly when you remember that YuGiOh card dimensions aren’t the same ones used in other trading card games. To save you the headache, we’ve got the answer right here.

Below you’ll find the rough size of the best YuGiOh cards (as well as the rest). We’ve consulted the official YuGiOh rules to make sure we’ve got the details down, and we’ve also shared key info about playmats, hand sizes, and YuGiOh decks.

Here’s all you need to know about YuGiOh card sizes:

YuGiOh card size - Konami image of several YuGiOh cards

How big is a YuGiOh card?

The standard YuGiOh card size is 2.3 inches by 3.3 inches (59mm by 86mm). If you’re familiar with other trading card games, you’ll notice this is smaller than MTG card sizes or Pokémon TCG card sizes. Most trading card games use the same dimensions (2.5 inches by 3.5 inches), but YuGiOh is an exception to the rule.

YuGiOh cards may be smaller than the average trading card, but you can still sleeve them with any standard-size card sleeve. 

What is the standard YuGiOh deck size?

The standard YuGiOh deck size is between 40 and 60 cards. You can only have three copies of each individual card in this deck. 

What’s the maximum YuGiOh hand size?

The maximum YuGiOh hand size is six cards. So, if you pull more than six cards, you’ll need to discard down to the maximum at the end of your turn. 

YuGiOh card size - Konami image of several YuGiOh cards

What’s the standard YuGiOh playmat size?

There’s a wide range of YuGiOh playmat sizes out there, but many of them have similar dimensions. A standard, single-player playmat is usually 24 inches by 14 inches (61cm by 35.5cm). You can also buy two-player playmats that are approximately 24 inches by 28 inches (61cm by 71cm). 

Why does YuGiOh card size matter?

Interestingly, card size matters a lot less in YuGiOh than in other trading card games. The general reasons you should care still apply, though, so the numbers are still worth remembering.

The main reason you should learn standard card sizes is to avoid cheating in YuGiOh games. If every card in your deck is a uniform size, then it’s harder to distinguish them from each other before drawing – and the unfair advantage can be ruled out.

The thing is that most YuGiOh tournaments (Tier 2 and above) require you to sleeve your cards in unmarked, uniform card sleeves. This largely eliminates the need to check the exact measurements of the cards in your deck.

You could also use your knowledge of dimensions to spot fake YuGiOh cards, but there are usually better ways to do so. A counterfeit YuGiOh card is more likely to mess up the set ID – or even spelling – than it is to get the general card dimensions wrong.

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