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World record Baldur’s Gate 3 speedrun beats game in 10 minutes

This Baldur's Gate 3 speedrun gets to the end of Larian's huge RPG in just 10 minutes, using magical jumping powers, and a unique ending.

Baldurs Gate 3 screenshot showing Gale about to explode

How long is Baldur’s Gate 3? Some might say well over one hundred hours, but if you ask the current Baldur’s Gate 3 speedrun record holder they’ll tell you, 10 minutes. That’s how long YouTuber Mae took to blitz through the entire game, reaching an ending in just 10:03, three frustrating seconds over the 10 minute mark.

In doing so, they skip most of Baldur’s Gate 3’s quests, dialogue, and content, only even meeting one Baldur’s Gate 3 companion, Shadowheart, and immediately leaving her in the dust. You can watch the video below, in fact, and only encounter minimal spoilers.

How does one tackle the game with this level of haste? Well, you’ll need to pick BG3’s Gale as your character origin, as this unlocks a special ending that finishes the game with a giant explosion in Act 2, skipping out on a massive third of the content. From what we can catch of the instantly skipped dialogue, this doesn’t look like a very happy ending.

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The Baldur’s Gate 3 Wizard class has another trick up his robe sleeves. The spell Enhance Leap turns him into, as Mae describes it, “a jacked up kangaroo”, able to traverse vast areas with a single bound. Then Misty Step allows for further shenanigans, teleporting through a wall to the final area of the dungeon where you can trigger the explosion. Check it out above, it’s quite a thing to behold.

We had a feeling speedrunners would be zipping through Baldur’s Gate 3, because they had already done so in early access – taking under six minutes to blast through the game, when only Act 1 was available. Again, lots and lots and lots of jumping was the main method.

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To follow up on completing the game so speedily, Mae’s now uploaded a “Sex% speedrun” to see how quickly they can get to a sex scene in the game. For anyone wondering, you can reach the climax of a Baldur’s Gate 3 romance with Lae’zel in just 7:54.

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