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Disney Lorcana gives April dates for first Set Championships

Ravensburger has announced the dates for the very first Set Championship for Disney Lorcana, which will coincide with Into the Inklands.

Disney Lorcana - an enchanted card featuring Stitch as a Rock Star

Ravensburger has revealed the dates of the first Disney Lorcana Set Championships, competitions where skilled players can win unique promo cards and other rewards. The first Set Championship will be for the newest set, Into the Inklands, and will take place between April 19- April 28.

Only game stores that have been approved for Lorcana’s organized play program will be eligible to apply for a Championship kit, which comes with the tasty rewards that players can win.

Each participating LGS will receive three copies of the unique Enchanted Stitch, Rock Star promo card to bestow upon the victors, as well as two playmats featuring the same fantastic art. You’d better swot up on the best Disney Lorcana cards if you want to walk away with one.

LGS’s will also need to be on the ball, as there’ll only be a limited window to apply to host an Into the Inklands Championship. Applications will be open from March 8 – March 17.

Disney Lorcana - People playing Lorcana in a tournament

Fans should note that these Lorcana Set Championships bear no relation to the competitive circuit, the path to the first Lorcana World Championship, which is set to take place in 2025. This circuit kicks off a month after the Set Championship, in May 2024, with the first regional Challenge Events.

These Set Championships are more casual, local tournaments, though doubtless you can expect a fierce fight if you want to come out on top and win that Stitch. A unique Disney Lorcana Enchanted card is no small prize – Enchanteds are among the most expensive Lorcana cards, potentially selling for thousands of dollars.

Of course, there’ll be way more Stitches on the market than other Enchanted cards, so it’s unlikely they’ll reach the same outrageous heights. Nonetheless, it’s a cool card, and bound to be much-coveted.

It remains to be seen what the Disney Lorcana meta will look like once Into the Inklands gets its full retail release on March 8 and more people gain access to the cards. With LGS’s already stocking the set, there’s some interesting decks already out there: like a Beast deck involving an infinite combo.

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