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One of the best DnD accessories for DMs is 69% off

You can get almost $50 off on the DnD Campaign Case: Terrain, a 69% saving on one of the best DnD accessories for DMs to use in their games.

Wizards of the Coast is selling the DnD Campaign Case: Terrain at a massive discount. The terrain campaign case is a set of 30 double-sided interlocking terrain tiles, and it’s a really handy DnD accessory to use at the table. It normally costs $64.99, but right now there’s a ridiculously large deal for you to make use of. It’s on sale for only $19.99!

Whether you haven’t had time to draw up a full DnD map for your next dungeon, or you want to quickly slap down a wilderness battle for your players, the terrain campaign case is a life saver. The ‘Adventure Clings’ accessories are great too, with everything a DnD DM could need, from trees and wells to coffins and treasure chests.

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At a 69% discount we think this is a steal – it’s just a shame the DnD monster version doesn’t have the same price drop. In our Campaign Case: Creatures review, Mollie Russell called this case’s counterpart a “tempting offer for its quality and convenience” and the terrain version is no different on that front.

If you’re nervous about DMing we’ve got some advice for getting over that fear. But having a handy toolbox like the Campaign Case: Terrain set can really help to instill some confidence, since it’s just so easy to set up encounters with – provided you have some DnD miniatures to spare.

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While looking for DnD deals, we’ve also spotted that the great new DnD starter set, Dragons of Stormwreck Isle is selling cheap. This is another ideal product for beginner DMs and players alike because it’s not just a great DnD campaign, it’s also a teaching tool, with tips for DMs and a design that helps new players find their feet. You can read more about it in our Dragons of Stormwreck Isles review.

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