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DnD Beyond stuffs stockings with free Dragonlance monsters

It’s lovely weather for a DnD slay ride – and the D&DBeyond advent calendar offers plenty of Dragonlance monsters to take on (for free)

DnD advent calendar Dragonlance monsters - Wizards of the Coast art of the unicorn Forest Master

DnD publisher Wizards of the Coast is celebrating the festive season by giving away various discounts and freebies over on D&DBeyond. Starting on December 5, the digital marketplace will reveal a new ‘gift’ every day until Christmas – and opening the first digital door on the ‘adventure calendar’ reveals a free compendium of monsters for the Dragonlance setting.

11 DnD monsters make an appearance in the free content. Some are of the humanoid variety – this includes two variants of the DnD Gnome, the Inventors and Masterminds found on Mount Nevermind, as well as two versions of the Irda, who were originally created by the Dragon Queen Takhisis (you might instead know her as Tiamat, the most hydra-y of DnD gods). There’s also the Thanoi, a walrus-like species that’s ripe for a DnD races homebrew.

Others among the crew are more traditionally monstrous. The Dream Eater is an aberration that appears as a grinning interpretation of your greatest fears; the Foresworn are the spirits of departed Knights of Solamnia; and Traag Draconians are a variant of the Dragon Armies’ footsoldiers that are somehow even more bloodthirsty.

DnD advent calendar Dragonlance monsters - Wizards of the Coast art of a soldier atop a red dragon

Additionally, inside you’ll meet Ember, one of the DnD dragons in service of the Dragon Queen, as well as an ancient unicorn known as a Forest Master. Finally, there’s Verminaard, a corrupt lord who leads the most powerful prong of the Dragon Army.

Though Dragonlance is an old-school DnD setting, the Monstrous Compendium coincides with its modern revival, as the campaign book Dragonlance: Shadow of the Dragon Queen releases on December 6.

Another door in the D&D Beyond advent calendar also opens on December 6. This time, the digital marketplace is offering a discount on two DnD board gamesDnD Yahtzee and Trivial Pursuit.

You can find the Dragonlance Monstrous Compendium in the advent calendar on D&DBeyond. For more Dungeons and Dragons, you might also like our DnD classes and DnD backgrounds guides.