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Get $1,000 of DnD books for the price of a hot dinner

One mega Dungeons and Dragons Humble Bundle discounts a range of third-party DnD books, 5e character sheets, and TTRPG asset packs.

Wizards of the Coast art of an adventurer reading a book, and Twitter emojis with dollar sign eyes

A new Humble Bundle discounts over 70 DnD books and 5e resources, with savings of over $1,000 (£860) on the table. If you’re keen to try new supplements and adventures from publishers like Nord Games and Kobold Press, you might want to invest before the deal ends on December 2.

For $25 (£20.62), you’ll nab yourself 73 tabletop RPG resources for Dungeons and Dragons. This includes plenty of DnD books including new rules and adventure content for DnD campaigns and 5e one shots. There are also DnD character sheets and asset packs for virtual tabletops like Roll20.

If you’re not ready to drop $25, you can get 35 of the Humble Bundle’s items for $15 (£12.37) or 14 for a single dollar. The sale is in support of the International Medical Corps.

Image of book covers from Third-party DnD books Humble Bundle

However, only 5% of profits go to charity. 40% goes to Humble itself, and the remaining 55% is received by Frog God Games, one of the seven creators whose resources are being sold in the bundle. You can choose to change your donation from default to ‘extra to charity’, which increases the International Medical Corps’ share of the profits to 15%.

Also among these creators is Kobold Press who, when not producing third-party D&D books like Tome of Heroes and Tome of Beasts 3 (both found in this Humble Bundle), is busy creating content for its 5e rival, Tales of the Valiant. The Humble Bundle also features titles by GaxxWorx, a TTRPG development company spearheaded by Luke Gygax, son of original D&D creator Gary Gygax.

To see exactly what tabletop RPG books are on sale, check out the Humble Bundle page. For more of the latest news, here’s the latest from One DnD – including hints that DnD classes playtesting for the next core rulebooks is almost complete.