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Become a lovable trash panda with this DnD homebrew race

This homebrew DnD race gives you the stats and abilities you need to play a racoon in your Dungeons and Dragons games - meet the adorable Ringlings

DnD homebrew races -A humanoid racoon in the forest

Want to be a racoon in DnD? Indie RPG company Pen and Potion has turned your dreams into reality with its Ringlings, a homebrew DnD race of bandit-masked mammals.

Created for Pen and Potion’s work-in-progress DnD setting Ardenia, the Ringlings are an adorable option that we reckon would slot nicely into many campaigns. With natural darkvision and a proficiency for nature and finding lost objects, we can see them making good DnD rogues or DnD rangers.

According to the homebrew PDF, Ringlings are small humanoid creatures, that usually have a good or neutral DnD alignment. For stat upgrades they get a bit of Wisdom and a lot of Dexterity, and apparently they’re excellent “scouts, thieves and trackers”.

DnD homebrew races -A humanoid cream-coloured racoon

This homebrew race includes four variants, each adapted to a different kind of terrain, and each with a different bonus power. For instance, the default Forest Ringlings can cast the 5e Spell ‘Speak with Animals’ once per long rest, while the hardier Mountain Ringlings resist cold damage and have advantage on Strength (Climbing) checks.

Adorably, Jungle Ringlings resemble red pandas, and are better trackers. While Desert Ringlings have camel-like resistance to dehydration and also resist fire damage.

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