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DnD Maps adds two more classic adventures to its VTT

The official WOTC virtual tabletop, DnD Maps, has added two more popular adventures to the platform, as it begins to add new features.

DnD Maps - art showing the devil Azriel flying about

DnD Beyond has added two new adventures to its DnD Maps virtual tabletop, which is currently in an Alpha state after launching earlier this year. As of December 7, the popular adventures Baldur’s Gate: Descent into Avernus and Ghosts of Saltmarsh have been added to the platform. These include a total of 51 new maps.

These adventures both came out in 2019. Ghosts of Saltmarsh is a series of nautical adventures involving fish folk and undead sailors, which can be strung together into a DnD campaign.

Meanwhile, Descent into Avernus takes you from the DnD city of Baldur’s Gate (which if you didn’t already, you probably now know from Baldur’s Gate 3) all the way to the first layer of the Nine Hells, where you can battle infernal foes.

DnD Map of Avernus, a circle of hell

To celebrate their arrival on Dungeons and Dragons‘ official virtual tabletop, both these DnD books are currently 25% off on the DnD Beyond store, down to $22.49 from $29.99.

You’ll now find all the DnD maps required to run Descent into Avernus and Ghosts of Saltmarsh on DnD Maps. Right now, you’ll need a Master Tier DnD Beyond subscription to access the VTT, still in its rudimentary early stages after an Alpha launch in September.

While it’s no Roll20 yet, Wizards of the Coast has a published roadmap of new features it expects to introduce to DnD Maps. So far it’s added a zoom function and token options that let you rename and recolor DnD monsters.

DnD Maps of a boat

Wizards of the Coast also plans to include all future published works (that have DnD maps to include) on its virtual tabletop, and slowly add the backlog of old adventures.

These two new additions are a clear example of that part of the plan, and in October the famous Curse of Strahd campaign was ported to the platform.

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