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DnD Minecraft DLC adds dungeon delving, monsters, and spells

The DnD Minecraft DLC pack, which lets you explore the Forgotten Realms, battle classic tabletop monsters, and go on quests in Minecraft, is out now.

DnD minecraft - a minecraft wizard fighting a beholder

Mojang has launched the Dungeons and Dragons DLC for Minecraft, an adventure pack featuring loads of brand new monsters and mechanics from the tabletop roleplaying game. Originally expected to drop in Spring 2023, we expect many forgot that DnD Minecraft was on its way (guilty!). But now, on September 26, the DLC pack is suddenly available on the Minecraft Marketplace for 1510 Minecoins (approximately $7.99 in real money).

Made in partnership with DnD publisher Wizards of the Coast and developed by Everbloom Games, Minecraft: Dungeons and Dragons sees players explore a lovingly crafted world as a DnD character, unlocking powerful abilities and vanquishing potent threats. It lets you play as one of four DnD classes – the Barbarian 5e, Wizard 5e, Rogue 5e, and Paladin 5e – and adventure through the Forgotten Realms, visiting many of the best-known locations in this iconic DnD setting, from Icewind Dale to Candlekeep.

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In the DLC pack, you’ll battle a greatest hits mixtape of DnD monsters, from small fry like goblins, to more interesting beasts such as the beholder, mindflayer, gelatinous cube, and DnD mimic. Delightfully, Minecraft mobs have also made the jump the other way – ported into DnD 5e by Wizard of the Coast – so now vindictive DMs can blow up their friends’ fantasy base with a Creeper.

What’s interesting about the DnD DLC pack is that the developers have brought in loads of new mechanics to the game, from a magic system with spells to unlock, to conversation trees with NPCs, not to mention the essential DnD level up. You can’t use these new abilities in the base Minecraft game though, sadly – they’re locked into the DLC pack and its custom-made adventure.

To celebrate the launch, Wizards of the Coast has released a free Level 3 adventure, called Lightning Keep. It features the newly statted-up Minecraft monsters, and there’s something extremely enjoyable about seeing them in such an incongruous setting. Case in point, the read-aloud for this encounter:

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“You see a stone fireplace and six sets of wooden bunk beds holding rotting, straw-filled mattresses. Lying atop four of them are dusky green creatures with blocky bodies and heads, but no arms.”

Aw, sleepy creepers!

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