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Indie dev makes app that turns MTG cards into DnD monsters

An indie roguelike developer made the ‘MtG to DnD converter’ app, which procedurally generates DnD stat blocks from MtG monster cards.

You can make DnD monsters from MtG cards using the MtG to DnD converter app - detail of an elephant person (loxodon) warrior from the card art for Belenon War Anthem, by Antonio José Manzanedo

The ‘MtG to DnD converter’ app, by indie developer Magic Dungeon, does just what its name suggests: it turns MtG creature cards into DnD monsters. Its creator says it has “nothing to do with artificial intelligence”, and instead uses a “decision tree” to read the MtG card and assemble a stat block, while discussing the latest update to the app on Reddit.

The app uses MtG publisher Wizards of the Coast’s Scryfall card database to get data about creature cards from every MtG set. Magic Dungeon says that the text blocks for features, actions, and reactions “are created by myself by hand”. This procedural approach means the app contains a volume of stat blocks far beyond what a single person could write.

Speaking in a post on the r/UnearthedArcana Reddit board on Sunday, Magic Dungeon announces that they’ve recently added creatures with the Transform mechanic, though only for “double faced cards that have a creature on both front and back… with specific transform conditions that let them switch between the two forms.”

You can find the app on the Google Play store, or on Magic Dungeon’s website. You’ll also find a couple of roguelike dungeon crawlers they’ve made on there.

This could be a useful supplement for DMs running MtG inspired games, whether they’re using DnD books set on MtG planes like the Guildmaster’s Guide to Ravnika or Mythic Odysseys of Theros, or superfan Gabe’s homebrewed DnD guides to New Capenna, Kaldheim, or Kamigawa. It’s also just fun to see what the key creature card in your standard deck or your favorite MtG commander look like translated over to DnD.

If you’re a DnD player but haven’t dipped your toes into Magic before, we have a list of free MtG Arena codes to unlock free packs in the online version of MtG: it’s definitely the easiest way to learn the game if you don’t have a local playgroup.