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DnD fans finally love this unpopular Warlock subclass

Wizards of the Coast designers say that fans love the changes they've made to the Archfey Warlock, one of the least popular options for the class.

DnD Warlock subclass- a Tiefling Warlock beside a fey fairy

After lots of changes made across a couple of DnD playtests, fans have completely come around on one of the least popular Warlock subclasses. “The Archfey Warlock used to be one of the lowest rated Warlock subclasses,” says designer Jeremy Crawford, in a November 7 video. “As of the Unearthed Arcana in which it just appeared, it is at 89% satisfaction.”

The latest DnD playtest results were discussed in the recent Studio update video. According to designers Crawford and Chris Perkins, most of the DnD classes have completed their playtesting, and further changes will take place out of the public eye. It seems the DnD Warlock subclasses went down particularly well with fans, especially the Archfey Warlock patron.

The Archfey Warlock is known for being a somewhat underpowered option in Dungeons and Dragons 5e, mostly because a lot of DnD monsters are immune or resistant to the various illusion, enchantment and charm-based spells your faerie friend grants you.

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What does the Archfey Warlock have now that fans are, well… fans of? Basically, it’s a blinking machine. It has all sorts of Misty Step related powers, able to jump around all over the place, getting out of and into danger as required. Its Level 14 capstone ability means you Misty Step for free whenever you cast a DnD spell.

Wizards of the Coast is keen to emphasize that when the 2024 DnD books come out, you’ll be able to play whichever version you like best. However, Crawford adds that he doesn’t think many will stick with the 2014 Archfey Warlock.

As well as the Archfey Warlock hitting 89% approval among those who answered Wizards survey, the eldritch-themed Great Old One Warlock satisfied 87%. Since the designers say they view 90-93% as the maximum possible score, given the size and diversity of their audience, that’s pretty damn solid.

Not every class fared as well as the Warlock however. The Brawler Fighter, a new addition added in the last playtest, had been given the chop, after fans had criticisms of this DnD Fighter subclass.

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