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The best easy Lego builds 2024

Easy Lego builds don’t have to be boring – here are the best simple Lego ideas and beginner Lego sets for newbies and younger fans.

Easy Lego builds - photo of a Lego train from the Creative Brick Box set

Easy Lego builds are a great way to scratch your building itch without embarking on an hours-long, thousand-piece project. The best simple Lego ideas can introduce youngsters to the wonderful world of Lego sets, and they often include enough detail and beauty to enrapture adult fans, too. Whatever your style, we’ve got some simple Lego ideas for you.

We’ve collected the best Lego sets for anyone after an easy build. Most of our picks are suitable for children, but we’ve also included some easy Lego sets for adults. We’ve considered cheap Lego sets, new Lego sets, and even Lego Disney sets for movie fans.

These are the best sets for easy Lego builds:

Cosy House, one of the best easy Lego builds

1. Lego Cosy House

The best all-rounder for lovers of easy Lego builds.


ID code 31139
Number of pieces 808
Recommended age 8+


  • Excellent display piece and set for play
  • Detailed, colorful, and visually lovely


  • A little overpriced

For us, the Lego Cosy House is the easy Lego build that does it all. It’s simple enough for builders of all ages, but there’s enough detail to satisfy older, more experienced builders. It’s a vibrant, gorgeous set that we’d be proud to display, and it’s suitable for imaginative builders who want a great play experience.

As the name implies, Cosy House offers a slice of domestic life. The set features a quaint country home, complete with garden life, neighborhood animals, and four detailed interior rooms. It also includes minifigures that depict a three-person nuclear family.

The set is a bit expensive for its size, but there’s still a lot of value for money here. It helps that Cosy House is part of the Creator 3-in-1 series, which means it can be dismantled and rebuilt in three entirely different ways. The variety this series offers makes it one of our favorites for new Lego fans. 

Medium Creative Brick Box, one of the best sets for easy Lego builds

2. Lego Medium Creative Brick Box

The set for young fans who want to design their own simple Lego ideas.


ID code 10696
Number of pieces 484
Recommended age 4+


  • Offers a variety of mini builds
  • Includes everything you need to create your own builds


  • Limited appeal for adults

If you want a set that lets you design your own easy Lego builds, the Lego Medium Creative Brick Box is our top pick. Inside this brick-shaped Lego storage box are almost five hundred individual pieces. You can choose to follow the provided instructions and create a series of simple mini builds, or you can go ham and draft your own designs.

A box of unbuilt bricks is full of potential, and we think this Brick Box comes at an exceedingly affordable price. The suggested designs are simple, adorable, and plenty of fun even after the build is done.

These are perhaps the simplest Lego builds we’ve recommended, so they may bore an adult looking for their first set. But if you’re shopping for young children, this is an ideal starter set. 

Ferrari 812 Competizione, one of the best easy Lego builds

3. Lego Ferrari 812 Competizione

A gorgeous, easy Lego build for gearheads.


ID code 76914
Number of pieces 261
Recommended age 9+


  • Accurate recreation of the car
  • Extremely affordable


  • Not quite perfect for play

Lego is known for its range of stunning, detailed vehicle builds, and the Lego Ferrari 812 Competizione is a perfect example. Released in 2023 as part of the Speed Champions series, it provides a detailed and accurate recreation of the titular car. Which is surprising, really, given how easy it is to build.

All of the Speed Champion cars provide engaging builds for a low price, but there’s something special about this Ferrari. Perhaps it’s the grabbing, traffic-light red bricks, or the rounded edges that give the whole thing a stylish feel. If you’re a lover of cars, there’s a lot to appreciate here.

The Ferrari is perfectly driveable, and it comes with a minifigure who’s ready to take it for a spin. It fits well enough in the driver’s seat, but you may find it hard to close the roof of the car with a passenger in tow. There is play value here if you’re looking for it, but the build lacks the practicality we’d be looking for. 

Disney 'Up' House, one of the best easy Lego builds

4. Lego ‘Up’ House

The perfect easy Lego build for Disney lovers.


ID code 43217
Number of pieces 598
Recommended age 9+


  • Unique minifigures
  • Gorgeous colors and design


  • Disappointingly small

Not every Disney Lego set has to be as complicated as Cinderella’s castle – the Lego ‘Up’ House proves this fact. Compact and colorful, this easy Lego build recreates Carl Fredricksen’s brightly-painted house, complete with a small army of balloons to carry it off into the sky. Carl himself, along with Russell and the talking dog Dug, also feature as delightful minifigures.

Even more adorable details are crammed inside this mini house. There are squirrels for Dug to chase, an adventure book to fill, and stickers depicting Carl’s wedding. Even if you’re not a hardcore Disney fan spotting Easter eggs, this is a neat little set that will spark joy.

Our main problem is that it’s a little too little – especially for the price tag. The ‘Up’ House is beautiful, but the interior feels extremely cramped. And we can’t help but feel a bigger set could have housed even more fun details. 

Tiny Plants, one of the best sets for easy Lego builds

5. Lego Tiny Plants

For more adult (but very relaxing) easy Lego builds.


ID code 10329
Number of pieces 758
Recommended age 18+


  • Interesting, beautiful, and varied plants
  • Won’t die like real flowers


  • Build can get repetitive

Not every easy Lego build is designed for children. If you’re in the market for a more mature set, we’d recommend these Lego Tiny Plants from the Icons series. They’re still quick and simple to build, but they offer slightly more complexity, and they prioritize display value over play. These look fabulous on any shelf or desk – and you don’t even have to water them.

Simplicity does often mean repetition, and you’ve got a lot of plant pots to build here. But the whole process is rather soothing, and this set makes for a wonderfully cozy night in.

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