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Hero Forge’s DnD minis will soon have fully customizable faces

Custom DnD miniatures company Hero Forge announces that its long-awaited face customizer will soon arrive, with a launch planned for August.

Hero Forge face customizer - photo of golden Hero Forge miniature

Thanks to the upcoming Hero Forge face customizer, Dungeons and Dragons fans can soon take their DnD miniatures to the next level of detail. “The wait is nearly over”, Hero Forge says in a Kickstarter post from Tuesday, “and we couldn’t be more thrilled to unveil the new face customization to you”.

It comes just a week after the service was updated to include top surgery scars and stretch marks, allowing its character minis to reflect more people’s lived experiences.

Face customization was originally a stretch goal in a Hero Forge Kickstarter from 2020. Three years and $3 million in funding later, Hero Forge says the feature is nearly ready. According to Polygon, we can expect face customization features to arrive in August. Hero Forge will also stream a demo of the face customizer on Twitch at 2pm PT / 10pm BST on June 27.

The face customizer will apparently be compatible with every head currently available in Hero Forge (thanks to Polygon for these details). Like other body parts, different sliders will help tweak specific areas of your mini’s face. These details may be hard to spot on a 3D-printed miniature, but you’ll be able to appreciate them better by using Hero Forge’s virtual tabletop tokens.

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