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New Lego Minecraft set fits an entire world in one block

There's a new Lego Minecraft set up for preorder, a nifty little display piece aimed at grown-up fans to celebrate the game's 15th birthday.

Lego Minecraft build shaped like a crafting block

The Lego Company is releasing a Lego Minecraft set modeled on the game’s crafting table, and pre-orders for it are already open.

The first Minecraft product intended to make the cut as one of the best Lego sets for adults, this 1,195 piece product depicts the world of Minecraft in miniature, contained within a gigantic crafting table. Preorders are up on Amazon and the official Lego website now, where it’s going for $89.99 / £79.99.

Known as The Crafting Table, this Lego Minecraft set was created for the 15th anniversary of the game’s full release (has it really been that long?) Coming out at the beginning of August, the new Lego set celebrates Minecraft by cramming in as much content as possible.

The Crafting Table lego set block

Essentially, The Crafting Table is a diorama contained with a replica of the crafting table block. It features five detachable and interchangeable mini builds depicting a whopping 12 Minecraft biomes. Sadly there’s no End or Nether, but we do get stuff like a village, taiga, desert, and the deep dark.

There’s also brick-based “microfigures” featuring various Minecraft mobs, and you can take the whole lot out to display separately, or keep it together as one compact (14cm x 15cm x 15cm) build.

Lego Minecraft Crafting Table on a shelf

In a way, the new release could be considered a callback to the very first Lego Minecraft sets, the Micro Worlds. These were scaled down versions of individual biomes. In The Crafting Table, it’s as if Lego has squished a bunch of these small Lego sets together – though they’ve been shrunk down to an even smaller scale.

The Danish brick-making company is no stranger to tapping into video game nostalgia to sell Lego kits to adults. Only last week the first Lego Zelda model was revealed, the Great Deku. Compared to that hefty $300 build, however, this one’s a bargain.

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