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First Legend of Zelda Lego model is $300 Great Deku Tree

This 2-in-1 version of The Great Deku Tree is the very first Legend of Zelda Lego set - a hefty 2,500 brick model with a price tag to match.

Lego Greak Deku Tree with pink bricks behind it

The Lego Company has revealed the very first official Legend of Zelda Lego model. Made in collaboration with Nintendo, Great Deku 2-in-1 depicts the Great Deku Tree character seen throughout the RPG series. This 2,500 brick Lego set will be available from September 2024.

Reflecting how this character’s design has changed throughout the franchise, there are two different versions of the build to construct. Though you can only have one completed at a time, you have the option of creating the green-leaved “classic” look from Ocarina of Time as well as the cherry-blossom version from Breath of the Wild.

The two have different functions as well. The Ocarina of Time variant has an openable mouth that reveals a Skulltula enemy inside, while the Breath of the Wild look has a controllable face, moved with a lever on its back.

Lego Great Deku Tree with Breath of the Wild variant

Along with the main model, which stands over 30 cm tall, you’ll be able to construct two miniature builds to display with your Deku Tree: The Master Sword Pedestal, and Link’s House. Both can be constructed alongside either version of the main build. You also get four Zelda minifigures, and various brick-built characters to populate the scene.

The Great Deku 2-in-1 goes on sale from September 2024, and costs $299.99. With that kind of price tag you’d be wise to assume that Lego is marketing this expensive Lego set towards adult fans with plenty of nostalgia and disposable income, rather than younger newcomers to the series. And you’d be right, as the brickmaker has slapped an 18+ label onto it.

Lego Link minifigure

While this is the first Lego Zelda model to be released, we have no doubt it won’t be the last. There are already dozens of Lego Mario sets out there – mostly geared towards a younger audience – as well as Lego Animal Crossing sets, and even a block-based replica of the NES console.

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