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March of the Machine won’t get an MTG Arena Alchemy set

Wizards of the Coast announces it won’t be bringing March of the Machine MTG cards to the Alchemy format on Magic: The Gathering Arena.

MTG March of the Machine Alchemy - Wizards of the Coast art of the angel Elspeth

A Wizards of the Coast blog from April 17 has confirmed there will be no MTG Arena Alchemy set for March of the Machine. The trading card game publisher says this is because of the close release of the micro-set March of the Machine: The Aftermath.

“Due to The Aftermath content coming about a month after March of the Machine, there will be no Alchemy set for March of the Machine”, Wizards of the Coast says. “Instead, Alchemy efforts and excitement will continue to be focused on The Lord of the Rings: Tales of Middle-Earth, which will be legal in Alchemy and Historic.”

The March of the Machine release date is set for April 12, with its MTG Arena release scheduled for April 18. The Aftermath drops just a few weeks later on May 12. According to Wizards, it’ll include 50 cards that tie up the remaining story threads from March of the Machine.

Alchemy isn’t exactly one of Magic’s most popular formats. It saw plenty of criticism in its early days, and data released by Wizards shows it remains one of the least popular MTG Arena formats. That being said, there’s no doubt plenty of Alchemy players who would have liked to test out the MTG set in this format.

This also isn’t the only restriction of March of the Machine seen on MTGA. The publisher has already preemptively banned Ravagan, Nimble Pilferer from Historic.

You can read more in the official Wizards blog post.

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