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These Angel MTG cards have seen a 110% price spike

Angel MTG cards are starting to spike in price, as players look to upgrade their blingy Secret Lair commander decks, seeking out the best angelic cards.

Keep an eye on the best Angel MTG cards over the next few weeks, as a pair of great MTG Angels have started to trend up in price. Angel of Jubilation was at $7 at the start of August, and now sits at $14.70. Meanwhile, foil copies of Herald of War, once $3 by MTG Goldfish prices, are now at $25. (Something very strange is going on with this card’s graph, however, so we want to keep an eye on this one before drawing any firm conclusions.)

The reason Magic: The Gathering’s Angel cards may be spiking in price seems fairly straightforward. It’s thanks to the MTG Secret Lair Commander deck: Angels: They’re Just Like Us but Cooler and with Wings (god, that title). This shiny precon full of valuable Angel reprints went up for sale in early August, and it seems to be encouraging many, many fans to make tribal decks for the popular MTG creature type.

The precon itself is led by Gisela the Broken Blade, but Giada Font of Hope, also found in the Secret Lair, is by far the preferred choice when looking to make the deck stronger. And we can see that a whopping 360 Giada Font of Hope decks were submitted to EDHREC in just the past week, an enormous number for a monocolor MTG commander.

Because of the tribe’s increased interest, any strong mono white Angel cards that don’t feature in the precon are likely to see a blip in price, as players look for upgrades and ways to retool their new decks. This is presumably the fate of both Angel of Jubilation and Herald of War.

Other Angel cards that are notably absent from ‘They’re Just Like Us’ and therefore probably worth watching now are Resplendent Angel and Youthful Valkyrie. There’s no Avacyn Angel of Hope in the deck either, but the reprint in Commander Masters may do something to mitigate rising demand for this legendary Angel staple.

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