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Another MTG Black Lotus sells for over $500,000 at auction

Black Lotus is one of the most expensive MTG cards of all time, and this icon of the Magic: The Gathering TCG has just beat its own record at auction.

MTG Black Lotus auction record - Wizards of the Coast art of the Black Lotus

The famous Black Lotus Magic: The Gathering card continues its streak as the most expensive Magic cards of all time, selling in a recent auction for $540,000. The MTG card sold is a PSA 10 Alpha Black Lotus in a case signed by original artist Christopher Rush, and it was auctioned by PWCC on March 16. A card of this description made wallets wince back in 2021, selling for $511,100 – but as of Thursday, Black Lotus has smashed this record by around $30,000.

There has technically been an even bigger sale of an MTG Black Lotus in the past, but this was a signed artist proof rather than an official card. Last time we checked, the current owner of that item is the rapper Post Malone, who paid over $800,000 for the privilege.

MTG Black Lotus auction record - card photo from PWCC listing

The Black Lotus is part of the MTG Power 9, which are considered some of the most powerful (and rarest) cards in the entire trading card game. Its simple discard-for-mana ability is broken enough to give it a VIP spot on the MTG banlist, and the rarity of the card only pushes its price up further. According to the PWCC listing, only around 1,000 copies of the cards are thought to have been printed, and only six have ever received a perfect 10 grade from PSA.

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