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MTG Brothers’ War gives us some superb Green Commander cards

Though there's no Green Commander cards in The Brothers' War precon decks, there are a few great Green cards hidden away in the set's booster packs

Magic the Gathering Brothers War artwork of an elf performing nature magic

The precon decks for MTG The Brothers’ War have no green cards in them at all. To make up for it, Wizards has made sure to slip a handful of fantastic green Commander cards into Brother’s War set and booster packs. Of the eight Commander cards that are found in booster packs – and not in Urza and Mishra’s preconstructed Commander decks – three of them revolve around the colour.

“The brothers don’t have a lot of green,” explained Gavin Verhey in his Good Morning Magic Show on Monday. So for these eight additional designs “I wanted to lean a little more towards green, and make some really sweet green cards.”

The Wizards of the Coast senior designer, who led the design on The Brothers’ War’s Commander cards, says this first card, Rootpath Purifier, has “one of the wackiest lines of rules text I’ve ever put on something.”

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This creature makes every MTG land card in your deck a basic land. Sounds simple enough, but there’s a crazy amount of utility in that innocuous sentence. You can easily tutor up any land in your MTG Commander deck, and also protect your mana base from Blood Moon and Back to Basics.

Magic the Gathering Brothers War card Rootpath Purifier

The next two cards were revealed in yesterday’s WeeklyMTG stream. The first, Titania, Nature’s Force is the second depiction of the character in the set, after her appearance on The Brothers’ War’s Meld cards. This is a Green MTG commander that does everything, a value engine that provides self-mill, lets you grab lands from the graveyard, and makes nasty big elementals. When not leading her own deck, she pairs nicely with commanders like Omnath, Locus of Rage, The Gitrog Monster, and any landfall cards you have knocking about.

Magic the Gathering Brothers War card Titania Natures Force

Speaking of landfall, the final card, Staff of Titania, poops out forests that are lands and also creatures, providing ramp, landfall triggers, and token creatures in one go – not too shabby at all. It’s a colourless artifact that can go in any deck, making it super versatile. However, you’re rewarded for playing it in a green deck, since the equipment grows its wielder depending on how many forests you control.

Magic the Gathering Brothers War card Staff of Titania

That’s all for now – be sure to check out our The Brothers’ War guide for the latest news, spoilers, and all the release dates you could possibly require.