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Cats and dogs MTG Secret Lair Commander deck has adorable lands

There's a new Magic: The Gathering Secret Lair Commander deck on the way and this one features cats and dogs in copious quantities.

MTG cats and dogs Secret lair art for rin and seri

Magic: The Gathering has a new limited edition Secret Lair EDH deck coming out, and this one is all about friendly felines and pampered pups. The MTG Secret Lair website posted the first previews for the Raining Cats and Dogs Commander deck this week, and on January 11 showed off its basic lands, which are covered in kittens and puppies.

The MTG commander for this deck is, perhaps predictably, Rin and Seri, Inseparable, but the rest of the card list is not yet revealed (a little birdie tells us Anointed Procession is in there, however).

Rin and Seri have new art, which showcases a theme for this deck: double-faced versions of cards that, in gameplay terms, only have one face. The reason for this? The cards have two artworks, one focused on dogs and the other themed around cats. You can pick sides and decide for yourself if you want a more cat or more dog-themed deck (though both will always feature).

MTG cats and dogs Secret lair Rin and Seri

The MTG Secret Lair website promises more previews each week, with a couple more cards to be shown off on January 15 and January 19. The release date hasn’t been shared yet, but it would make sense for the deck to come out right after the previews are released.

It appears that, along with the basic MTG Land cards, there will be five cards with unique art in the deck, and three of them (plus the commander) will have two sides. That roughly fits with what we’ve come to expect from these Secret Lair Commander decks like Angels, They’re Just Like Us but Cooler and With Wings and Heads I Win, Tails you Lose.

While we don’t know quite when Raining Cats and Dogs will become available, we do know that there’ll be limited supply, so you’ll have to keep your eyes peeled for its release. Wizards recently made the decision to stop making Secret Lairs print-to-demand and switch them all over to this limited model.

We were pretty bummed out by that decision, since it seems like the main parties benefitting will be scalpers, not customers. However, the change doesn’t mean much in this instance. Wizards has already been releasing its full deck Secret Lairs under this model, after its first attempt at a print-to-demand Commander deck took an entire year to reach fans.

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