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MTG Commander Masters reveals new Sliver and Eldrazi cards

New MTG cards from Commander Masters have been revealed, including the much-anticipated Sliver and Eldrazi commanders, as part of MTG Minneapolis.

New legendary Sliver and Eldrazi cards have been shown off, in our first detailed look at Commander Masters. The face commanders for the four Magic: The Gathering decks that come with the set were shown off during the preview panel at MTG Minneapolis on May 5.

They include powerful new Sliver and Eldrazi commanders. The Sliver deck is led by the eerie white Sliver Gravemother. This five-colour (as you’d expect) creature removes the legendary rule from all Slivers. That sounds kind of pointless in EDH, until you read her next ability. See, she also grants all Slivers in your graveyard Encore, allowing you to bring a temporary copy back to attack each opponent you face.

Meanwhile, on the colourless side, we have Zhulodok, clearly of Ulamog’s brood, but a separate entity. This Eldrazi gives the Cascade ability to colourless spells with seven mana or greater. In fact, they gain Cascade, Cascade – so you can chain your Eldrazi titans into two more spells. MTG Cascade is a fan favourite ability in Commander, so we predict this guy’s gonna be popular.

We also got to see the other two commanders from the set, and though they’re boring humans (boo) they do have some fun effects. Anikthea can bring back enchantments as 3/3 zombies, while Commodore Guff is a planeswalker designed to play nice with other MTG planeswalkers, suggesting that he’s probably heading up a superfriends precon.

MTG Commanders Masters is an EDH-focused Magic: The Gathering set coming out on August 4th. These are the first spoilers from the set, revealed alongside a ton of other cards during MTG Minneapolis.

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