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MTG manga gets first English release with exclusive promos

The Magic: The Gathering manga Destroy All Humans, They Can't Be Regenerated is set to receive an English translation in Fall 2024.

English translation of the front cover of Destroy All Humans: They can't be regenerated

US manga publisher and anime distributor Viz Media is releasing an English translation of the Japanese MTG manga series Destroy All Humans, They Can’t Be Regenerated. This English translation is expected to release in Fall 2024, and according to the announcement made by the publisher today, it comes with an exclusive card.

This 15-volume coming-of-age Manga series written by Katsura Ise, with art by Takuma Yokota, follows the antics and rivalry-to-romance relationship of two school students who love Magic: The Gathering. It’s set in the late 90s, but the first issue originally launched in 2018, so it’s sort of a period piece, where readers can enjoy the duels and drama of the early Magic meta, before MTG planeswalkers, Eldrazi, or Commander existed. The series is still ongoing, and the latest issue came out in April this year.

Fans of both Magic: The Gathering and manga have been requesting an English translation for a while now, and it seems like this has been on Wizards of the Coast’s radar for some time. For instance, Magic designer Gavin Verhey responded to a fan’s appeal on Reddit three years ago, saying it was a fun idea and he’d see what he could do.

MTG designer Gavin Verhey talking about an english translation of the Magic manga

And it looks like two years ago, the series’ author mentioned the possibility of an English translation if there was enough interest, though the Twitter post referred to in this Reddit thread is now deleted.

Each issue of Destroy All Humans, They Can’t Be Regenerated has come with a unique Japanese promo card, so it seems likely that the “exclusive card” Viz Media mentions is an English version of one of these. These promo cards have included some popular, but quite common cards like Shock and Duress, as well as some rarer stuff, like the only foil printing of Culling the Weak.

Manga fans can look forward to this release in the coming Fall, though Viz Media is yet to announce a more specific release date.

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