MTG booster pack recycling scheme to be trialed in US stores

Magic: The Gathering MTG booster pack recycling - official WPN photo of the new recycling bin

Magic: The Gathering publisher Wizards of the Coast says it’s launching a MTG booster pack recycling programme across North American local game stores, promising that all Wizards Play Network (WPN) stores that got WPN status before March 7, 2022 will soon be sent a special box for recycling booster pack wrappers.

Announced in an update on the WPN site on Monday, Wizards says the programme will kick off this month, shipping out one handsome, MTG art-emblazoned recycling box to each WPN store “in late March”, along with a pre-paid label to send the box off once it’s chock full of MTG booster pack wrappers. Wizards does emphasise, however, that stores are going to have to police the boxes carefully, as “no other material can be recycled” using them.

The scheme is a cooperation with New Jersey, US-based TerraCycle, a firm that describes itself on its site as “the world’s leader in the collection and reuse of non-recyclable post-consumer waste”; in other words, “recycling the ‘non-recyclable'”. It’s not clear from the WPN article how TerraCycle is able to recycle the booster pack wrappers, which are made from metallic film and plastic, and officially marked as not recyclable in the US or Canada.

With the upcoming launch of new MTG set Streets of New Capenna next month, Wizards will be hoping to fill a lot of these bins with opened booster packs – keep following Wargamer for all the latest news on the art deco, gangster-themed set as it gets ever closer.

Magic: The Gathering MTG booster pack recycling - official WPN photo of the new recycling bin

Most recently, of course, we’ve had the Streets of New Capenna factions‘ playstyles revealed – and heard the Streets of New Capenna commander decks are delayed due to supply chain problems.