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Underrated new MTG card sees 400% price spike

The price of Collector’s Cage, a Magic: The Gathering card from the Outlaws of Thunder Junction bonus sheet, has soared in the past week.

A bonus sheet MTG card from Outlaws of Thunder Junction has seen an enormous price spike, with its value increasing 400% between April 24 and April 30. Collector’s Cage was worth just $3 (£2.40) on MTGGoldfish earlier this month, but its estimated worth has now reached $15 (£11.98). TCGPlayer saw a similar price rise in this period, with the card’s value jumping from $3.10 to $12.82 (£2.48 to £10.24).

Collector’s Cage is a white artifact that costs two mana to play. When it enters the battlefield, you can look at the top five cards of your library and exile one of them face-down.

MTG card, Collector's Cage

You can also spend one mana and tap Collector’s Cage to add a +1/+1 counter to a creature under your control. If you control three or more creatures with different powers, you can then play the card you originally exiled, without paying its mana cost.

Collector’s Cage is proving popular in a range of MTG formats. It’s a reasonably good addition to Midrange decks in Standard, and the card has seen some play in Pioneer and MTG Commander decks. However, the majority of the buzz around this card – and the most likely culprit for driving its price up – is MTG Modern.

MTG card Collector's Cage tweet from aspiringspike

In April, multiple Magic: The Gathering influencers posted deck lists featuring Collector’s Cage. Aspiringspike and Saffron Olive both recently shared white Humans decks with four copies of the card. The main goal here seems to be buffing up your white weenies, and casting an explosive creature for free – Emrakul being the popular choice here.

MTG card Collector's Cage tweet from Saffron Olive

Collector’s Cage has also been cropping up in Mardu Midrange decks. Since these decks also feature an army of smaller creatures – plus Emrakul – it looks like the decks share similar goals.

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