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Fortnite MTG card sees 450% price spike as bans loom

The Fortnite Magic: The Gathering card Battle Bus has seen a massive rise in price, as fans hope to see Smuggler's Copter unbanned in Pioneer.

MTG card Fortnite Battle Bus

The Fortnite MTG card Battle Bus has seen an enormous 450% price spike in the last week, rising from $5.50 to a much steeper $30 in just seven days. Foil versions of this Magic card were previously going for the same price, around the $5 mark, but have now jumped even higher, the shiny cards going for a whopping $80 according to MTG Goldfish.

This now very pricey Magic: The Gathering card is a reskinned version of Smuggler’s Copter, which was sold in the Fortnite MTG Secret Lair in 2022. It’s a really interesting card to see spiking, because rather than a new deck, strategy, or MTG Commander emerging, the price change seems to be entirely down to fan speculation.

See, Wizards of the Coast will today (December 4) announce changes to the MTG banlist, particularly for the formats Modern and Pioneer. As well as some big clues about which cards would be banned, the designers also suggested that some cards would be unbanned for Pioneer. And fans are pretty convinced that if any card is getting unbanned it’ll be Smuggler’s Copter.

MTG spoilers fortnite secret lair cards - Wizards promotional photo showing Fortnite MTG card Battle Bus


Why was Smuggler’s Copter banned in the first place? Basically because it’s too efficient, and its colorless identity means it could be played in every deck. It provides card filtering and a beefy flying attacker, and all for just two mana.

A somewhat reasonable comparison is Reckoner Bankbuster which got banned in Standard earlier this year. While Reckoner was played in midrange or controlling decks and Smuggler’s Copter is an aggro card, they had a similarly negative effect on deck diversity.

However, aggro decks aren’t doing amazing in Pioneer right now, so it may well safe to unban this MTG vehicle. In a Reddit poll last year, fans voted this as the card they’d most like to unban.

The MTG vehicle card Smuggler's Copter


Regular versions of Smuggler’s Copter have risen in price too, but only from $1 to $4. As much as the crossover between Magic and Fortnite was considered a jumping the shark moment by many fans, these Secret Lair variants will doubtless be in much shorter supply than regular copies of the card, and presumably many fans find playing with Fortnite cards pretty funny. Tragedy plus time equals comedy, and all that.

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