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Legendary cat MTG card spikes in price by more than 250%

The popular cat Commander card Arahbo, Roar of the World, is exploding in price - is it the Secret Lair, or is something else boosting this kitty's value?

MTG cards price spike - artwork of a giant cat surrounded by snow leopards

Copies of the majestic cat avatar MTG card Arahbo Roar of the World have shot up in price in the last few weeks, going from a fairly decent $12.70 to a much more impressive $45, according to MTG Goldfish.

This card, featuring the powerful Eminence ability, is a powerhouse in cat creature type Commander decks. Its price spike began around January 18, and by now it’s up 254% – having dipped a little from a peak price of $57 last week.

One of the MTG Commanders from the much-celebrated 2017 MTG Commander precon decks, Arahbo Roar of the World can buff cats’ power and toughness from the command zone. A second ability makes them even stronger once Arahbo takes the field, doubling attacking cats’ stats if you pay a little mana.

MTG cards price spike - The MTG card Arahbo Roar of the World

It’s no mystery why this card is rising in price. The price spike began just after the MTG Secret Lair EDH deck Raining Cats and Dogs was fully spoiled, and Arahbo is absent from the list. People want this card for their kitties and doggos decks – a fact we’re somewhat surprised about, as he seems better suited to the command zone than the 99.

It may also be that the arrival of this Secret Lair has boosted players’ overall interest in the cat MTG creature type, and these players – perhaps those who missed the boat on the Secret Lair – are now interested in building an Arahbo deck instead. And of course, it’s well worth mentioning that Lost Caverns of Ixalan brought several stellar cat cards for Arahbo’s MTG color combination.

A quick bit of research on EDHREC reveals Arahbo is getting more popular in his own right, not just as a friend for Rin and Seri. There were 206 Arahbo, Roar of the World decks submitted to that website in January 2023, compared to a much, much higher 533 in January 2024.

MTG cards price spike - Arahbo secret lair version

It’s also worth noting that Arahbo featured in a Previous Secret Lair: OMG! Kitties. This much cuter version of Arahbo has spiked too, going from $50 to $80!

Did you know that Arahbo’s original design had horns? According to a Muddy Colors article by the card’s artist Jesper Ejsing, he was asks to tweak the piece to make it look less like a demonic creature. Which seems kind of funny in retrospect, given how many cats with horns Magic has produced in recent years.

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