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Squirrel-making MTG card sees sudden 470% price spike

Squirrels and slimes make uneasy bedfellows, but an ooze-centric green MTG card caused this squirrel-maker to multiply in price over the past week.

MTG card - squirrel

The MTG card Nantuko Shrine is suddenly spiking in price. This green enchantment has gone from just $1.40 a week ago (according to MTG Goldfish) to a much more considerable $8.00 today. That’s a hefty increase of 470%, and the price rise shows no signs of slowing down just yet.

Nantuko Shrine is an old card that’s only ever been printed in one MTG set – 2002’s Odyssey. With fewer copies in supply, that makes it the sort of card that’s particularly susceptible to sudden price rises, when exactly the right combo comes along. MTG Murders at Karlov Manor has brought that combo, with the ooze-making sorcery card Slime Against Humanity.

Nantuko Shrine is a card that creates squirrel tokens each time anyone casts a card, at a rate of one squirrel for each card with the same name in any graveyard.

The MTG card Nantuko shrine

Slime Against Humanity is a green card that, like Rat Colony or Persistent Petitioners, you can have any number of in your deck. The obvious play is to make an ooze tribal MTG Commander deck, stuff it full of Slime Against Humanity, and then use Nantuko Shrine to create dozens of squirrel tokens each and every turn.

MTG Murders at Karlov Manor the MTG card Slime Against Humanity

We’ve been keeping an eye on ooze cards to see if they’ll skyrocket in price, when it turns out we should have been watching the squirrels. Slime Against Humanity produces ooze tokens and gets stronger with ooze creatures, so we thought this MTG creature type was going to see some spikes.

A few cards like Biogenic Ooze, have gotten a few dollars pricier, but the impact has been low up to now. Just when we were thinking Slime Against Humanity had failed to move the needle, Nantuko Shrine blasts through the ceiling.

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