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MTG Karlov Manor gives Green a rule breaking Commander card

MTG Murders at Karlov Manor has made a green card that breaks the singleton Commander rules - and it's manna from heaven for ooze lovers.

MTG Murders at Karlov Manor - a green ooze climbing through a sewer gate.

MTG Murders at Karlov Manor spoiler season is drawing to a close, but not before delivering a payload that should have Green EDH players sitting up and taking notice. As you probably know, one of the fundamental laws of Commander is that you can only have one copy of each card in your deck (barring basic lands, of course). Now, thanks to the puntastic ‘Slime Against Humanity’, Green has a card that breaks that rule.

Indeed, Slime Against Humanity is part of an elect group, a series of cards that fans seek to collect en masse, for you can have any number of them in your Commander deck. Most of these are based around a particular MTG creature type, and this one is no different, catering to the Ooze tribe.

Slime Against Humanity is a sorcery card that creates ooze tokens. These become larger the more copies of this card or ooze creature cards you have in your graveyard or in exile. The fact that this works even if your cards are in exile is particularly intriguing, since it stops graveyard hate from blowing your deck apart, and also creates opportunities for shenanigans using effects like Surgical Extraction.

MTG Murders at Karlov Manor the MTG card Slime Against Humanity

MTG Commander fans are probably aware of a few cards like Slime Against Humanity, but this is the first for Green. The other five are:

  • Dragon’s Approach – A burn spell that eventually tutors dragon cards.
  • Persistent Petitioners – A milling advisor which mills 12 once you have four copies.
  • Relentless Rats/ Ravenous Rats – Two similar takes on the growing rat horde.
  • Shadowborn Apostle – Sacrifice six to summon any demon from your deck.

White is now the only MTG Color that doesn’t have a card on the list, which – as MTG designer Gavin Verhey pointed out on Twitter – is rather odd, given how much White likes the go-wide with smaller creatures strategies. Given that Verhey has the power to change that, we imagine White’s version of this effect will be here sooner or later.

We’ll also be interested to see how popular this card will be, and if it will be enough to drive price spikes on some of the more popular ooze cards. Faeries got a bunch of spikes in Wilds of Eldraine, but of course faeries are an immensely popular tribe, whereas oozes are about as niche as it gets.

MTG Murders at Karlov Manor is definitely making an impact on the secondary market already though, as a new combo with Crime Novelist drove a huge price spike.

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