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Faerie MTG card spikes in by price by 342%

The MTG card Mistbind Clique has seen a 340% jump in price, as fans prepare for the influx of new Faerie cards coming with Wilds of Eldraine.

MTG card Mistbind Clique art showing a colorful faerie

The MTG card Mistbind Clique has seen a major price spike, rising 340% in the past couple weeks. It seems to be the case that the Faerie MTG creature type has been given a boost by Wilds of Eldraine, and the Faerie Mistbind Clique is just the latest Magic: The Gathering card to ride the tide. Cashing in at $4.50 in mid-August, the fae now sits at a respectable $19.89 (according to MTG Goldfish) and if you happened to pick up the Faerie MTG Secret Lair version, you’ll be pleased to hear that it has rocketed up to $30.

It’s pretty obvious that the upcoming Wilds of Eldraine is behind Mistbind Clique’s climb, and it’s not the only Faerie card to have been uplifted in the last fortnight. Faerie Harbinger leaped from being a bulk Rare worth less than a dollar, to a $5 card, while the gloriously pretty Secret Lair version of Spellstutter Sprite went from $20 to $40.

While we can be pretty sure Wilds of Eldraine is the cause of all this Faerie excitement, what’s a little harder to ascertain is specifically why fans are buying up these cards.

MTG card Mistbind Clique

The most likely answer is people fishing for upgrades to the Faerie precon, which is stuffed with cards that encourage you to use the creature type like Alela Cunning Conqueror and Tegwull Duke of Splendor. As a Faerie with Flash, Mistbind Clique fits perfectly in the precon, but was left out of the deck. Possibly, these MTG commanders are behind the newfound interest in these cards.

In that case, the price spike could be compared to the Angels we saw jumping up in price last week, thanks to the Angel-themed Secret Lair commander deck.

It’s also possible that there’s renewed excitement about Faeries for other formats. Mono Blue Faeries is a decent strategy in MTG Pauper, but the prankish pixies haven’t quite managed to keep up with Spirits in MTG Modern, which dominate as a similar controlling, flying strategy. That doesn’t stop fans trying though – perhaps with the new cards from Eldraine we’ll see a viable Modern Faeries deck.

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