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MTG Commander Masters reveals new Planeswalker cards

The MTG Commander Masters precon deck Planeswalker Party is revealed, with three new Planeswalker cards among the fresh EDH spoilers.

MTG Commander Masters Planeswalker - a masked hunter with a magic crossbow

As another Magic: The Gathering spoiler season draws to a close, the next MTG Commander Masters deck has been revealed. Planeswalker Party is a Planeswalker-filled deck led by Commodore Guff. The deck features a grand total of 17 Planeswalkers, alongside this MTG commander, including three that are brand new cards.

Like the other MTG Commander Masters deck precons, there are ten new cards total in Planeswalker Party. The three new MTG Planeswalkers in the deck are Teyo, Geometric Tactician; Vronos, Masked Inquisitor; and Chandra, Legacy of Fire.

Teyo, Geometric Tactician is the cheapest of the bunch, at just three mana. He creates a Wall when you cast him, and can force everyone to only attack the player to their left or right. He also gets card draw for you and one other player, letting you use him in quite a political way.

Vronos, Masked Inquisitor is a character who’s never had a card before. This guy can bounce permanents and phase out your own Planeswalker team. They’ve got a threatening ultimate too – creating a gigantic, unblockable token.

As for the new Chandra, this one’s tailor-made for a Planeswalker EDH deck. She can add mana for each Planeswalker you control, and also deals out fiery damage for free each turn. Plus you can use her to turn loyalty counters into temporary card draw.

The other seven new cards in Planeswalker Party include a range of utility spells and creatures that can protect or amplify your Planeswalkers. For instance, Onnake Oathkeeper taxes attackers and can resurrect a ‘walker, Leori can copy Planeswalker effects, and Sparkshaper Visionary temporarily turns them all into birds!

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