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MTG Doctor Who clone card spikes by 108%

The MTG Doctor Who card Flesh Duplicate has more than doubled in price over the last three days, as players snap up copies of this nifty clone effect.

MTG Doctor Who - A humanoid with a scary stretchy neck

The MTG Doctor Who card Flesh Duplicate has more than doubled in price since it was released on Friday. Valued at just $3.60 on October 13, it’s now jumped up to $7.50 – an increase of 108%. According to MTG Goldfish, it’s currently the fourth most expensive card in the set, just below Sunbaked Canyon, Displaced Dinosaurs, and Everybody Lives!.

Flesh Duplicate is a clone effect from the MTG Doctor Who set. For just two mana, this creature enters the battlefield as a copy of anything else on the field. The main downside is that it comes in with Vanishing 3, so it will only stick around for a few turns before it gets sacrificed.

The true strength of this MTG card comes when paired with creatures whose main value is their ETB effect. Cards like Dockside Extortionist, Ravenous Chupacabra, or Mulldrifter aren’t important for their statlines, which means Vanishing isn’t such a drawback. Flesh Duplicate also works well with flicker effects, which ETB decks want to be running already.

MTG Doctor Who - the Magic card Flesh Duplicate

It’s only been a few days since the Doctor Who cards were released, so it’s a little too early to see exactly where Flesh Duplicate is seeing play. It’s essentially a second copy of Phantasmal Image, so any MTG commander deck that wants to run that may also want one of these (Gyruda players, looking at you).

Phantasmal Image is a $5 card, so it’s possible Flesh Duplicate will settle around the same place. Then again, Phantasmal Image has seen a number of reprints that have helped bring its price down, so it’s possible Flesh Duplicate has a way to go yet before the price spike is over.

Given the past influence of MTG Universes Beyond products, we wouldn’t be surprised to see a few more price spikes in the next couple of weeks, as fans snap up the obvious upgrades for their Doctor Who precon decks. We’re particularly interested to see the effect of Timey Wimey on Suspend or Vanishing cards. Mox Tantalite or Sol Talisman seem like easy includes, once you’ve filtered out the less mechanically synergistic cards from the deck like Donna Noble.

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