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MTG Fallout Commander triggers 240% Cybermen card price spike

Mr. House is building a robot army in Magic: The Gathering – and the MTG Commander has set off a major price spike for two Cybermen cards.

The price of the Cyberman Squadron card shot up 240% recently, thanks to the influence of a new MTG Fallout Commander. According to TCGPlayer, the Doctor Who card cost just $3.93 on March 10, but this has risen to $13.37 as of April 2. MTGGoldfish saw a similar spike, with the Magic: The Gathering card rising from $4.70 to $14.60.

Cybermen Squadron is a seven-mana 5/5 artifact creature. Its main draw is the fact it adds the Myriad keyword to all nonlegendary artifact creatures you control. When a creature with Myriad attacks, you can create a token copy for every opponent other than the defending player. These tokens are tapped and attacking, so you can hit several players at the same time.

MTG Cybermen Squadron card, which saw a price spike due to an MTG Fallout Commander

Basically, this is excellent fodder for MTG Commander decks. And the new MTG Commander, Mr. House, President and CEO, makes it even more desirable.

If you pay four mana and tap Mr. House, you can roll at least one six-sided die (more if you spend Treasure to activate the ability). Whenever you roll a 4 or higher, Mr. House lets you create a 3/3 colorless Robot artifact creature token. And if Cyberman Squadron is on the board, these tokens have Myriad.

Mr. House, President and CEO, the MTG card that caused a Cybermen price spike

Mr. House’s influence is so potent that another Cyberman card from the Doctor Who MTG set is spiking. Cyberman Patrol, a two-mana 2/2 artifact creature, saw a value increase from $2.03 to $6.52 between March 10 and April 1. That’s according to TCGPlayer – on MTGGoldfish, the price went from $2.50 to $8.30.

This MTG card gives all your artifact creatures Afflict 3. So whenever these creatures become blocked, the defending player loses three life. Combine that with Mr. House and Cybermen Squadron, and you’ve got a small army of robots that can attack everyone at once and deal damage if they try to defend. They do say the house always wins.

MTG Cybermen Patrol card, which saw a price spike due to an MTG Fallout Commander

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