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MTG Fallout card makes you play Poker with your hand

A New Vegas MTG Fallout card crosses Magic: The Gathering with Poker-style gambling - but we heard the game was rigged from the start.

MTG Fallout card, Vault 21: House Gambit

Magic: The Gathering is channeling the spirit of New Vegas with a newly-revealed MTG Fallout card. Shared by Polygon on February 20, ‘Vault 21: House Gambit’ is a Saga Enchantment that turns your trading card game into a high-stakes Poker-style game of chance.

House Gambit costs two mana to play (one red, one colorless). As with all Sagas, the effects play out over multiple chapters, which trigger when the right number of lore counters are added to the card.

Step one: discard a card. Step two: draw a card. And step three: reveal up to five non-land cards. For every revealed card that has the same mana value as another card you revealed in this step, you create a Treasure token. You’re potentially giving your opponent a lot of information, but if luck is on your side, the rewards are big.

MTG Fallout card, Vault 21: House Gambit

The upcoming Universes Beyond set references a range of Fallout games, but Vault 21 is a slice of Fallout: New Vegas. Before it was converted into a hotel and casino by New Vegas’ Mr House, the survivors holed up in this vault were forced to settle all their disputes with gambling games. This new Enchantment really gets into the casino spirit.

Polygon revealed far more than a casino-themed Magic card, though. Tuesday’s article shares a complete list of cards for the Scrappy Survivors Fallout Commander deck. Mister Gutsy and the hard-hitting New Vegas companion Cass are also among the highlights, as well as the mighty Commander, Dogmeat.

The MTG set releases on March 8, and MTG Fallout spoilers are emerging from all over. For recent reveals, here’s an exciting $130 reprint with a new Fallout flavor.

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